Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crazy old Fart Claiming "Judgement Day" now claims it was an Elaborate "Late" April Fools Gag.

As most everybody is aware, some people believed that "Judgment Day" would occur on May 21, 2011. Well, it didn't. Naturally, our investigators were eager to get a hold of Harold Camping, supposedly the man who started the rumors of Judgment Day, and ask him what was going on.

Well, our reporters were in for a big shock - literally. When MEN-Factor reporters first shook Harold's hand, he was wearing a hand buzzer!
Harold CampingHarold Camping then offered our reporters some cigarettes - all of which exploded in their faces. Then, he offered us a can of nuts - and of course - those springy snake things popped out of the cans.

When he was able to gain his composure, we were able to do an interview with him (once he stopped laughing).

The 89 year old man Harold Camping claims that the whole "May 21st Judgment Day" thing was part of an elaborate and late April Fool's gag.
Harold Camping
Harold Camping also wanted us to tell anybody listening (or reading), that he has several bridges he'd like to sell - for a really cheap price!
Harold Camping
Harold Camping then made predictions for May 21st, 2012:
Harold CampingHarold Camping - making predictions for 2012.

We then asked him if he was being serious, or if this was another "joke".
Harold CampingHarold Camping assured us that he was quite serious for his predictions for May 21, 2012; that a monkey will fly out of his butt.

Harold Camping, was clearly upset that nobody took his joke with the intended "humor" behind it (gee, I identify with that). He vowed to tie everybody's shoelaces together if they didn't get off of his damned back.
Harold CampingHarold Camping is of course, moving on with his life after his "April Fool's Gag Gone Bad". He still believes that everything bad is because of sex - like any whacked out old-school Bible-thumping pervert.



  1. I was ready just in case last Saturday. I had my Sarah Palin blow up doll dressed as a nun and some rosary beads shoved up her vinyl ass. The rapture may not have came....but I did. MAVERICK!!

  2. LMFAO.

    Dude - now that was hilarious.