Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scheduled Protests of Sleeping Air Traffic Controllers Disrupted: Protestors Fall Asleep.

A group of young college students were all geared up to protest the current events of air traffic controllers falling asleep. However, when the time came for the actual protests to initiate they were all sound asleep.

Air Traffic Controller ProtestsAir Traffic Controller Protests

A militant women's groups was also going to protest the sleeping air traffic controllers as well, but - they too fell asleep:

Air Traffic Controller ProtestsAir Traffic Controller Protests

The breaking news of the day is that the current head of the FAA, Hank Krakowski has resigned, after taking a nap.

Hank KrakowskiHank Krakowski

The man scheduled to replace Krakowski is Randy Babbitt whom MEN-Factor reporters tried to interview, but - well - he was asleep:

Randy BabbittRandy Babbitt - scheduled to replace Hank Krakowski as the head of the FAA.

An actual awake air traffic controller was reached by MEN-Factor reporters for an interview. All he had to say was the following:

Air Traffic ControllerAir Traffic Controller


  1. Wow. Those jokes are really terrible. You actually thought they were funny? Dare I say they were 'tired' jokes?