Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tragedy Rocks Egyptian Rioting: Pretty White Woman is Brutally Sexually Assaulted Repeatedly in a Heroic Fashion!

egyptian rioting

egyptian riotingThe riots in Egypt have been going on for quite some time now. Men, Women and Children, by the hundreds if not thousands, are being killed and injured on a daily basis. The rioting is due to the current political regime in Egypt, and the people's resentment for it. There are fires burning, property being destroyed, families losing loved ones, men, women, and children dying or being injured.

egyptian rioting

Lara LoganAmidst all of this, tragedy suddenly struck the rioting and mayhem on February 11, 2011 - when a pretty white girl news reporter was brutally sexually assaulted repeatedly in a very heroic fashion. Yes, a very brave and heroic woman by the name of Lara Logan is being hailed by feminists as a hero for getting sexually assaulted repeatedly - uhm - in a brutal fashion and stuff. We have no idea what injuries she sustained, but we do know that the injuries are very brutal and that she is very brave and heroic for getting brutally sexually assaulted repeatedly. Yes, Lara Logan is very heroic indeed - after all, she endured a brutal and repeated sexual assaulting - uhm - in a very heroic manner and stuff.

Feminist Emma Butz told MEN-Factor reporters, "A more heroic woman we cannot think of - except maybe for Lorena Bobbit - who heroically cut her husbands penis off. But, cutting a man's penis off is nowhere near as heroic as getting raped. The attack on this woman is another example of how wide-spread violence against women is, and how we need to stop it. I mean, If Lara were a man - this wouldn't have happened."

We here at the MEN-Factor are completely shocked at this event. Normally, we make fun of various news stories - but this one made us wonder. What is our world coming to when a woman is raped among rioting and whatnot. Rioting and political rebellion is a lot of fun and all - the fires, the bloody faces, people dying:
Egyptian rioting
But remember - it's all fun and games until a pretty white women gets hurt! What is our world coming to when a pretty white girl is brutally sexually assaulted repeatedly in a brutal way during these things that make her so heroic? Rioters around the world need to know that violence against women is unacceptable - and need to conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect for women. If these rioters cannot have a civilized riot without brutally sexually assaulting a pretty white woman repeatedly - to make them uhm - heroines uhm..., then they should not be allowed to have riots in the first place! Damnit!
Egyptian riotingEgyptian Rioting

DISCLAIMER: I am not making fun of any ordeal that Lara Logan may have experienced. I am making fun of the main-stream-media, and how they completely ignore all the male journalists that are hurt during such things - and over emphasize those that happen to women.


  1. "DISCLAIMER: I am not making fun of any ordeal that Lara Logan may have experienced."

    Come on, now. She was punched a couple times while being called "bitch" and "slut". Well, I guess according to the feminist definition that is a brutal sexual assault...

    And it's pretty funny how 20 Egyptian soldiers came to her rescue. Shows who's really important to them. Brain-dead white-worshiping slaves.

  2. Well - just in case - that's the whole idea behind disclaimers...

    For example - on a bag of doritos - you will now find a warning saying, "Chew thoroughly before swallowing"...

    It is something like sparing yourself from a bunch of ninnies complaining about how much you hate women - I simply do not want to listen to it.

  3. Somebody has to say it. We thought the same thing as you did. The last Egypt riot sign is riotously funny. Thanks.

  4. I appreciate that Stepfordwife.

    However, I just browsed your site. I do not agree with it.

    I believe that women should be allowed to be stay at home mothers - if they choose - I know one female engineer here who quit so she could do just that.

    However, "returning to the good old days of the 1950's" - I question how good they actually were.

    I like women who do not wear make-up.

    I like my women with some muscle (not fragile) - I have been told that my grip is like that of a robot, and my touch is abrasive.

    Other than that, your site is positive, but I question its overall validity...

  5. Man, that final sign....NOW you owe me a keyboard. Great way to get the message across.