Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Strange Meteor Hits Sex Robot Factory: Thousands of Sex-Slave Robots in the Likeness of Sarah Palin are now Destroying Civilization!

Sarah PalinA series of robotic sex-dolls made by the truecompanion robot company have mutated, gained sentience, and are going on a genocidal spree destroying civilization as we know it! The robotic sex dolls were originally designed for sexual pleasure; they look like Sarah Palin and are programmed to shout "MAVERICK" when a penis is inserted into them.

meteorA meteor containing some unknown form of radiation has hit the robot sex-doll factory, and the Sarah Palin dolls (the most popular model), are now roaming cities, and destroying everything in their path. The new dolls, due to the effects of the radiation, are capable of shooting laser beams out of their eyes, and suffocating people with their firm perky breasts, or charming them with their dimwitted and non-threatening rhetoric.

Perverted ScientistAccording to perverts scientists, the only way to stop the Sarah Palin sex-slave robots is for men to insert their penises into them, and when they shout "MAVERICK", press the reset button (we all know about that button now don't we guys - he he - HA HA - HHHAAA HAAA HAAA - ehhh....).

In the meantime, we have no idea of how many people have died due to this tragic and freakish event. The Sarah Palin Sex-Robots continue marching on various cities throughout America, causing complete mayhem and havoc. This has most journalists thrilled, as it will greatly increase their ratings and hence - advertising revenues. Some of the male journalists might also get the opportunity to "stop" one of the Sarah Palin Sex-Robots, and be a "hero" by inserting his penis into one, and pressing the "reset" button once it shouts, "MAVERICK!"
Sarah Palin AttacksSarah Palin Attacks!

Thanks go to Captain No Marriage for this Breaking News!


  1. All I can say is that I've disarmed 47 of these things. I'm doing it for my country......and to hear her say "MAVERICK"

  2. 47!? Dang - now that is some serious stamina!

    I'll have to pop some Viagra to catch up...

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