Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Governor Jerry Brown Announces plans to cut Spending: Cabinet tries to Convince him he is Confusing Spending with "a Fart"

It is no secret that the Governor of California Jerry Brown has been announcing plans for quite a while now to cut spending. What most people are unaware of is that Jerry Brown is actually confusing government spending with "a fart".

Governor Jerry BrownGovernor Jerry Brown - announcing plans to cut government spending a fart.

What most Americans fail to realize, is that it is far too common for politicians to make these kinds of mistakes. Many politicians claim that they really have to cut spending so bad - and then they never actually do cut spending at all.

MEN-Factor ScientistMEN-Factor scientists believe this is because they are simply cutting farts and not cutting spending. This is a clear indicator that the politicians in our government are severely deranged and detached from reality. In addition to our potty politicians being dangerously detached, they spend most of their time sitting around farting, while sinister and evil minions take advantage of our loony leader's kooky craniums.

Since our flatulent forerunners cutting spending farts so often; MEN-Factor scientist's theories as to why so many of our "round the bend" rulers are obsessed with "Global Warming" or a "Runaway Green House Effect" are reinforced - it is a form of guilt - they are the ones causing the green-house with their barbarous bombastic win breaking.
Governor Jerry Brown

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