Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gifford Shootings and Jared Loughner - Who Exactly is Responsible?

Well, it certainly isn't Jared Loughner himself now is it?

Jared LoughnerMEN-Factor reporters did their own research on the internet, and found some very shocking and graphic photos of what appear to be Jared being forced to perform various sex-acts. We would like to warn our readers that the images that follow are not only graphic, but contain explicit sexual imagery as well. If there are young children present - you may want to - for the love of all that is holy - send them out of the room now.

Jared LoughnerJared Loughner was allegedly repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted by light bulbs. The dramatic image to the left is allegedly a photo of Jared Loughner being forced to perform oral sex on a light bulb. MEN-Factor reporters believe that constantly being violated and humiliated in this way by sexually aggressive and so-called "macho" light bulbs, is what caused Jared Loughner to finally snap.

MEN-Factor reporters did some fact-finding, and apparently, this perverted form of sexual assault from light bulbs is not uncommon.



These shocking facts have various nut-cases politicians pressing for tougher legislation against light bulbs.


  1. And sure, there are false reports, which is a real tragedy because it detracts from all the real cases, making victims scared to come forward, blah blah blah. ;)

  2. Got a question that's a little off topic.

    (Meaning it's not about the ass-munch Loughner, hot skanks who like to embarrass men, fat chicks who make any dress look like it's filled with rabid hogs [LMFAO}, or anything like that.)

    I don't consider myself a hardcore democrat, republican, conservative, liberal, or any other label you can think of other than male. (Yes, I get laid regularly...because I know someone eventually asks. And yes, I'm bi. I speak spanish.)

    My question is what do you think about all these people who have such an issue with whoever our current president is...that they feel they need to emblazon it on their vehicle, shirt, home, forehead...(you get the picture) in the form of a sticker, design, or any otherwise expression of art. Like I said before, I don't swing one way or another when it comes to politics. I vote for the guy (or gal in this day and age) who I think is going to do the best job FOR ME.

    If the majority of my county, state, or country happens to vote differently than me though, I have the attitude that I'll suck it up because my fellow countrymen felt compelled to vote for who they thought was best FOR HIM.

    I know we live in a country of free speech and I've done my time in the military to defend those basic rights...but using those rights just to be an assmunch because you didn't get your way? Just seems kinda like "sour grapes" if you ask me. Don't get me wrong...I think the Obama sticker is funny:

    O - One
    B - Big
    A - Ass
    M - Mistake
    A - America

    ...and who get ever forget the Bush sticker that had a big Dubya (W '04) and a '04 being rearranged to look like WTF. I snickered many a time at that one.

    It just seems to me that when someone is voted in against your blessing and you think a shitstorm is going to ensue...instead of complaining, you'd just get a raincoat.

    What do you think?

    Mr. Fixit

  3. I think a lot of people have such extreme opinions - that they have lost the ability to laugh.

    I remember this one:

    Dick + Bush = F*cked.

    I laughed.

    Like you - I am in the middle - I tend to lean very lightly to the right - I did NOT vote for Sharron Angle though - especially after her "MAN UP" outburst.

    I have no bumper stickers on my car.

    This blog - well, unlike bumper stickers - I do not shove it in anybody's face - or make a public display of it - like bumper stickers do.

    I also vote for the best PERSON for whatever office. I am not bi - and I do not speak spanish - I do not get asked - I have to pursue to get laid - but lately - the pursuing is easier - and ends up turning around quickly into them pursuing me...

    I have always called him, "Obama Sin Laden" as a joke - honestly - I do not consider him to be any worse than any other politician.

    In fact - in the near future, I plan to write up an article about our politicians - all of them - both sides of the coin - as far as I am concerned - they are all nuts (at least, the ones who get elected)...

    I hope that answers your question?