Monday, January 17, 2011

Giant Mass of Fecal Ridden Pond Scum Says Jared Loughner isn't to Blame

A huge mass of fecal-ridden pond scum was the first to make a statement about the Jared Loughner shootings. This mass of mutated manure claimed that somehow, another politician was to blame for the shootings - and not the shooter himself.
Sheriff Dupnik
The crazy collection of crap known as "Sheriff Dipshit Dupnik" immediately started spewing senseless suppositions that the shooter himself, who clearly showed signs of mental illness, was somehow not to blame.

To people who have I.Q.'s higher than 12, this would seems bizarre, and strange. How is it that somebody shoots several people - and through some lunatic line of logic, that person is not responsible?
Sheriff Dupnik
Quite a few of the kooky columnists that constitute our lame main stream media were stupid enough to swallow the spewing of Sheriff Dipshit Dupnik. These jar-headed journalists believe that another politician was somehow responsible - and because of her hate-filled rhetoric, she is a god-damned piece of sh*t hate-spewing filthy little pissy sh*t a$$hole b*tch c*nt f*ck.
Sheriff Dupnik

In order to show their support for the victims of this tragic shooting, the Smellogg's corporation is proposing to introduce a new line of cereal - proceeds will go to various charities that will not actually help any of the victims or their families - but will give some free-loafer's money for doing their favorite thing - being leeches.
Jared Loughner
Jared Loughner Breakfast Cereal

Daffy DuckAttention $hit and run commenters - I have no love of Sarah Palin - so please - do not accuse me of coddling up to her here - this post is bashing Sheriff Dipshit Dupnik and exposing his errors - bashing somebody who is accusing others of being witches does not make me a witch - you evolved and enlightened liberals you... Yes, I do bash the right - see here - and no, I do not have an inflatable Sarah Palin love doll either - lay off the funny cigarettes dudes.


  1. You are obviously a right-wing gun-toting nut coddling up to Sarah Palin.

    Why don't you go get out your life-sized inflatable Sarah Palin sex doll and hump it for a while.

    Maybe that will make you feel better.

    (takes a drag from his funny cigarette)

  2. Oh - now that is kinda funny actually...

  3. Two things:
    1. Are you suggesting people should be held responsible for their own actions? How old fashioned! I bet you're one of those people who still use common sense!

    2. They make Sarah Palin love dolls?!? I want one that screams "MAVERICK" every time I stick it in.

  4. Oh you randy fellow.

    I'll talk to the owner of that sexbot company true companion "" - and see if I can co-erce him into making a Sarah Palin model that does just that...

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