Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Black Hole Allegedly Discovered in Kate Harding's Fat A$$

MEN-factor scientists were perusing the internet, and various blogs. They came across one blog in particular (that they cannot remember the name of since it was late and they were drunk tired), where a commenter by the name of ChokesOnCheese27 made the claim that there was a black hole in Kate Harding's fat ass. Here is an image from a story that CNN allegedly did on the subject:

Kate Harding
Kate Harding - black hole allegedly discovered in her fat ass.

According to theories, Kate Harding's fat ass contains a black hole that is capable of devouring both matter and light. Scientists are puzzled as to how exactly Kate Harding came to have a black hole in her fat ass in the first place.

MEN-Factor reporters allegedly asked the brilliant Stephen Hawking if he had any theories as to how Kate Harding could possibly have a black hole in her fat ass. This is what he allegedly said.

Kate HardingKate Harding - can we please not talk about Kate Harding's fat ass - I just ate. OK, fine, I have no idea how the black hole got in her fat ass, but it would certainly explain that lame-ass, no pun intended, book she wrote about 'screwing inner beauty'. When you have a black hole in your fat feminist ass, inner beauty is pretty much out of the question.

A Russian scientist, Brushney Sputnik, was also allegedly interviewed by MEN-Factor reporters. This is what he had to say:

Kate HardingKate Harding - yes, there is definitely a black hole in her fat ass, and further, I believe that it got there when she was violently raped by another lesbian, as seen in the image below.

Kate Harding
Kate Harding being violently raped by another lesbian.

Scientists now speculate that black holes are created in women's fat asses when they engage in sexual intercourse (or at least try to) with other women.

Scientists were originally worried that the black hole in Kate Harding's fat ass might cause the moon to collide with the earth. But after a proper examination of mathematical data, they realize that her fat ass would simply envelope the moon - and hence, no harm would come to the earth.

Scientists do speculate that Kate Harding's fat ass does have the potential to wipe out entire cities however. This has the Japanese government putting its citizens on high alert:

Kate Harding
Kate Harding

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