Monday, November 29, 2010

Woman Purposely does Crossword Wrong; Hailed as Big Step for Women's Rights!

Smart FeministA brave woman, Ella V. Aidder pulled out the Sunday crossword from the paper. As always, she was frustrated by finding it to be challenging, and realized that the reason she did not find it "easy as pie" was because a man wrote it. In a stroke of genius; Instead of applying her skills, and making an effort, she did something very brave and courageous; she filled in the boxes with whatever letters, numbers and symbols she wanted to.
Feminist Crossword
Feminist LeaderFeminist leader Natalie P. Kuntz said that this is an excellent demonstration of how women can now set their own boundaries, and no longer have to follow any rules at all. "Why challenge yourself, or bother to improve yourself? You're a woman, its time us women started setting our own rules, and making our own goals. We do not need to be bothered with silly puzzles from the patriarchy when there are still plenty of rights we need to obtain, like bank entitlement options, visual rape compensation, vaginal discharge leaves of absence, PMS murder rights, and many others. This brave woman took a stand and said: No, I can't do it, and guess what - I'm not going to even try, and I don't have to either. Now that is what I call GRRL Power!"
Feminist PsychiatristDoctor of Psychiatry P. Ness Gawn said, "This is a great step in women's rights. This woman has demonstrated to the world that women really shouldn't live with any boundaries at all - no rules, no restraints, and no responsibilities. I hope that by saying this, my wife will put out tonight, I haven't had any in years."
Corporate TycoonCorporate tycoon J. Oakes Ondik had this to say: "This is excellent! You go Girl! By getting women to be even more reckless and stupid, it guarantees that they'll be more prone to be stupid and reckless with their spending. That means big bucks for me. It also means they'll be more prone to be stupid and reckless in their relationships. Hence, more divorces - and more wink wink - alimony money in their pockets - that they'll no doubt spend on the crap my corporations manufacture.
PoliticianPolitician Greg B. Snatch said, "This is great, yeah, I'll have to remember to play this card during my next erection, er uhm, election, so I can play on the stupidity of women, and get the 'women vote'. The pay gap thing works most of the time, women are stupid enough to swallow that sh*t, but new material to play on women's hatred and stupidity is always nice."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Web-Site Will be Back up Soon!

I am currently revamping the section on my web-site the MEN-FACTOR. Click on that link, and you'll see how discouraged I got about it...

It will have a new look and feel, and a slightly new philosophy and attitude.

Here is the skinny:

I took it down because I was receiving some nasty E-mails from MRA's (many MRA's liked my site). Yes, that's right, some MRA's felt the need to make verbal threats via E-mail, or just get nasty. I only received one E-mail from a woman bitching about my "never get married" bit. All other complaints were from MRA's.

I know what some of you might be saying: They're not MRA's - that are feminists in disguise. No, they are MRA's.

Be fair and be honest. There are a lot of NUTS out there. And guess what:

Some of them have chosen to label themselves as MRA's! Yes, it is true. Live with it.

I object strongly to what feminism and male-hatred has done to our culture. I want to eliminate it. In my opinion, this involves getting rid of things like V.A.W.A., the rape shield laws, Title IX - et al. Basically, the things that the last 40+ years of feminism has done.

All else is irrelevant.

I have been reading the MANBOOBZ blog. I am in no way a "male feminist". However, this man does bring to light how some of the MRA's out there are crazy, stupid, or just plain whacked out of reality. And guess what...

...he has enough balls to actually use his real name - and show a photo of himself. How many MRA's have those kind of cajones?

My new philosophy:

Part 1:
  • As many MRA's and MGTOW's say:
  • I do not need a relationship with a woman to define who I am.
  • AMEN. Neither do I.
  • I also do not need a LABEL to define who I am.
  • Take the M, R, A, G, T, O, W and shove it.

Part 2:
  • When I first encountered these circles - I heard that MRA's fight amongst themselves.
  • This made me take the attitude of "walking on eggshells" when dealing with them.
  • NO LONGER. If you are a racial bigot, anti-religious bigot, anti-atheist bigot - anything that has nothing to do with being against feminism or "princess on the pedestal"...



My web-site will be back up, and it will STAY UP UNTIL I DIE!

The fact that I pissed some of you off - tells me I was on the right track.

I just re-read this blog - I am trying to contact this guy. He sounds interesting.

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Feminist Claim: The Solar System is Sexist!

Feminist leaders are claiming that the solar system is sexist. Why?

solar system

Our Solar System

Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all male names. Venus is the only female planet in the solar system. Even our sun, Sol, is a male. Feminists claim that this is a clear indicator of sexism and patriarchal conspiracy.

feminist leaderFeminist leader Edna G. Butts was interviewed: "Clearly, this is the reason for all the failures in my life - and the reason for failures in any woman's life. If more planets were named after women instead of men, we women would be more successful and better at mathematics and generally more successful at doing whatever."

semi-good-looking womanWe also interviewed a semi-good-looking woman to drive our ratings up a pinch, and convince people that not only ugly women think this way. Here is what she had to say to reporters: "It's no wonder I did so bad in school - all the planets are named after boys - all 4 of them. If they were named after girls, I probably would have gotten straight A's - even though I never studied. I am so glad I can blame my failures on men, and how they named the planets, instead of my own inabilities - I was starting to feel like I might have to go through the hard-work of improving myself."

feminist leadersFeminist leaders held a brain-storming session on how to rename the planets.

As it stands, our solar system is named like this:

Our Solar System

Our Solar System

Feminist leaders propose to rename it like this:

Feminist Solar System

Feminist Solar System

feminist leaderFeminist leader Edna G. Butts said, "Renaming the solar system like this will help girls do better in school." She then cut a fart, and shouted, "LOOKOUT! THE GOBLINS ARE BACK!", pulled down her pants and started throwing her fecal matter at bystanders while shouting "WOO WOO WOO WOO!".

Friday, November 19, 2010

Don't Ask, Just Laugh (or Don't?)

I wonder what possessed me to do this:

womens liberation
Womens Liberation

womens studies
womens studies



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Man Enjoys Sexual Intercourse with Woman: Public Outraged!

22 year old Hue G. Wreckshun allegedly had sexual intercourse with a woman on November 22, 2010. When the public was informed of the sexual intercourse (which they had no business knowing of in the first place), polls did not favor the young man from Chawpitauf Montana.

old womanSome nameless loony grizzled old hag was interviewed by reporters:
"It is a shame to see young people having sex these days. Back in my day, we never had sex ever. Well, actually we did, but never for fun. Actually, I am just upset because I never get any anymore; those lucky young bastards and bitches!"

feministA life long militant feminazi was interviewed: "That stupid god-damned bastard is a f@!%ing rapist! Rape is a serious crime. I hate rape so god-damned much. That f&#!@ing bastard should be tied up into a chair, and forced to watch his own mother get raped. That is how much against rape I am!!!!"

college professorSome dickless nutty shit-for-brains fuzzy sweater-wearing college professor had this to say: "Clearly, the woman is a victim of male-aggression. Of course, I am only saying this because I am a dickless fuzzy-sweater wearing twit that has never even had sex because I have been isolated on this male-hating university campus that twits like me have helped to create - by believing that siding with men-hating bitches will somehow help me get laid. Clearly, as smart as I am, I am too much of a complete dumb-a$$ to figure that one out. Actually, I am not even a man - I just look like one. HA! Fooled you didn't I?"

The alleged victim of the sexual intercourse was asked to comment - but was too embarrassed to talk to reporters.

police officerOfficer Teddy Nonuts Watson commented: "Well, what can I say, If she enjoyed it too, she is clearly a filthy slut. If she didn't, then I get to vent my frustrations caused by my inferiority complex out on some sap that really pisses me off, since he got to have sex with a mega-hot woman I'll NEVER get to have sex with. Either way, I can vent my frustrations by calling her a slut, or giving him a beating! Hot DAWG I love being a cop!"

Another Comment I Adore!

Well, I received another really funny comment, where some feminazi embarrasses herself by rambling and making bad assumptions about me. The comment is HERE, and my breakdown of it is below, with my comments in RED.
I can stereotype too!!
Seriously!!! WOWEEE!

You were raised in a family where your dad worked and your mom raised you, did the laundry, dishes, cooked, cleaned, and you, being a typical little boy, completely took her for granted.
Nope, I never took my mom for granted. I still don't. Bad assumption.

She was probably on more pills than the "feminists" you write about.
Nope, my mom never took head-meds.

You learned that that is a woman's role.
Nope. Many of my friend's mom's worked; some were single moms.

Your dad probably drank.
Occasionally, yes.

Treated her like shit?

Maybe even hit her?

Oh, wait, I'm sorry, battery against women is COMPLETELY fake, haha silly me.
I never said battery against women was fake. Funny. Why would this person assume that since I claim that battery against men is as prevalent, that I am trying to make people believe that battery against women is fake?

I will just go march into the domestic violence shelter I volunteer at and tell all the women with their children that they were most likely making their stories up, and that they should just go back to the person that broke their bones and nearly killed them.
Good plan.
Seriously? That is what she calls a "good plan". Yikes. What a freak.

Oh, and considering many of the things you write about, you are either a homosexual or completely afraid of women. You probably attract the crazy ones because, and this is fairly obvious, you are a complete and utter failure.
Homosexual - nope. Afraid of women - nope. I dislike what women have allowed themselves to become. This is not fear. This is genuine concern.
Do I attract the crazy ones? Nope. I tend to attract all women, because I am such a good-looking piece of man-meat.
Failure? Nope. I have a college degree, and have had a career for the last 14 years. I have had my present job for the last 13 years. I live in a nice house, drive a nice gas-efficient car - pay my bills on time, have extra money (that I never spend - in this male-hating economy), my life is good. That does not qualify me as being a failure.

I am a feminist.
Gee, I never would have guessed.

I am very interested in the welfare of women because, hey, I GREW UP WITH A VAGINA AND BREASTS and I know how shitty life can be because of it.
Your vagina and breasts are not what is making your life shit. Your bad attitude towards people like me, and your bad attitude towards any criticism is what is making your life shitty. Perhaps when you get older, you'll realize what a fool you are being right now.

I definitely do not hate all men (especially not my partner). I would probably hate YOU, though.
Yes, you would hate me. You would develop a "sour grapes" complex because I am so damned-good-looking. You would instantly consider me to be "out of your league", and hence would become hateful towards me.

Maybe that's what your problem is?
I got no problem. Modern western women are the ones with the problem. Your attitude here is an excellent demonstration of that. You clearly have a sour attitude towards criticism - that is why your life is shit - yet, you blame things on your vagina and your breasts. Not only do you have a bad attitude, but clearly, you are very stupid as well.
Oh yeah, if somebody attributes "badness" on vaginas and breasts - wouldn't that make them a misogynist?

Women don't like you so you assume it's because of them?
Women do like me. They can't get enough of me. In fact, I can tell that when I am in public, they are always undressing me with their eyes, and daydreaming about me. Unfortunately, it seems like it took them a while to "grow out" of the feminist propaganda their heads had been filled with. Of course, the ones with low self-esteem - like you - get hateful because they feel they will never get to experience my man-meat - but I know that they go home and daydream or masturbate while thinking about me. Their hatred obviously stems from sexual frustration. No doubt about it.

I think this post has been the most hateful and ignorant thus far...

It is remarkable; the bad assumptions that those crazy crazy feminazi's make...

They completely embarrass themselves. However; I have to admit, it is very entertaining. Sometimes, I feel guilty, taking pleasure from others making total fools out of themselves - but then, I think, "hell, they deserve it". I fully welcome feminazi's and their comments. It always puts a smile on my face!

Friday, November 12, 2010

David Futrelle: Not too Bright

Well, on the MANBOOBZ blog, I came across an interesting comment by David himself:

He was asked to prove that most rapists are never jailed. He provided a link to a CBS News Story to prove just that.

The problem is, I broke down the complete article on CBS, and found it to be a complete farce. The article is below, with my smart-ass remarks in RED.

This is a long post, but if you are sick to bloody death of feminist propaganda, please take the time to read it. I think it is an excellent demonstration of how feminists have polluted the media, and helped to brain-wash poor souls like David Futrelle.

Exclusive: Rape in America: Justice Denied

A Five-Month CBS News Investigation Finds That a Staggering Number of Rape Kits Aren't Tested

By Armen Keteyian

Nearly 90,000 women reported they were raped in the United States last year.

Just because women REPORT they were raped, does not mean they were actually raped. This is the whole premises of false rape accusations. THIS IS IMPORTANT. They twist this fact later in the article - pay attention!

It's estimated another 75,000 rapes went unreported.

Notice how this article provides no reference for this "estimate". AND - pay attention to the key word "ESTIMATE". It is important, because it is used later (twisted).

But while rape convictions are up - a five month CBS News investigation raises questions about just how many rapists are actually being brought to justice.

Raises questions, but draws no conclusions. Give some credit for their honesty.

Now, we see a typical news-scheme: attempting to illicit an emotional response by telling ONE woman's horror story (is the story even real?):

Valerie Neumann says she didn't expect her 21st birthday to end in rape.

"He stuck his hands down the sweatpants and was touching me up, like my shirt as well, so I kept telling him, 'no,'" she told CBS News Chief Investigative Correspondent Armen Keteyian.

It started at a bowling alley in Erlanger, Kentucky. A man she just met, a friend of a friend, bought her drink after drink. Later that night, she threw up, and passed out. Then, Valerie says, it happened.

"When I woke up the next morning, my panties and the sweatpants were down around my ankles and my bra was undone," she said.

Valerie said she realized she was raped. Reporting it the next day - a classic charge of acquaintance rape. Nearly three years later still no arrest in the case.

"I feel like, I almost feel like they're calling me a liar. That they don't believe me," Valerie said.

Whatever - one woman's horror story does NOT constitute a social crisis or warrant any kind of over-reaction from the general public.

Rape in this country is surprisingly easy to get away with.

This is pure speculation - did the researchers at CBS news actually rape people, and see how easy it was to get away with it - no. Their reasoning behind "easy to get away with" stems from bad conclusions and interviews with biased people - pay attention!

The arrest rate last year was just 25 percent - a fraction of the rate for murder - 79 percent, and aggravated assault - 51 percent.

Inconclusive. All this means is that women are claiming to have been raped. It does not mean that they actually were raped. Murder is different - as people who are DEAD cannot make a false accusation of MURDER. Note the flagrant stupidity of the assertion. Also, it is extremely unlikely that people frequently consent to being murdered. Again, the entire statement here is asinine. the 25% arrest rate could mean that only 25% of the rape accusations were REAL.

"When we have talked to victims, they very much so doubt that it was worth it for them to go to the police," said Sarah Tofte, US Program Researcher for Human Rights Watch. "They're incredibly disillusioned with the criminal justice system, and that sends a terrible message."

How many were talked to? One, five hundred? Why aren't any numbers listed here?

The suspect's attorney told police his client never had sex with Valerie. Yet an exam revealed "evidence of forced sexual penetration." Semen found on her underwear. Nurses took a rape kit- a collection of swabs and clothing that provide DNA evidence. The suspect provided a sample. But the DNA was never tested.

The DNA was never tested - why not? Why did the alleged suspect give a sample of his DNA in the first place? Why didn't his attorney argue it was an invasion of privacy? Why didn't the victim's attorney fight to have the DNA test performed? The answers to these questions are obvious - false accusations.

"Testing the kit is one way to affirm a victim's story," Tofte said, "and discredit the suspect's story."

Tofte is biased - could it not also be a way to discredit the victim's story and affirm the suspect's story? This is clearly a biased person. The man is guilty simply because a woman said so. She has no intention of conducting an unbiased investigation into the matter.

A five month CBS News Investigation has found a staggering number of rape kits -- that could contain incriminating DNA evidence -- have never been sent to crime labs for testing.

For good reason no doubt - false accusations. Why waste tax-payer money when the alleged victim recants her story. This is actually mentioned below. Pay attention!

At least 20,000 untested kits: 5,600 in Detroit. 3,800 in Houston. 5,100 in San Antonio, 1,100 in Albuquerque.

Rape Kit Data, by the Numbers

Many untested for years. And that's not all. At least twelve major American cities: Anchorage, Baltimore, Birmingham, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Oakland, Phoenix, San Diego said they have no idea how many of rape kits in storage are untested.

Yes, have no idea - that could mean zero. Honestly, this whole article is a fraud. Remember what you have already read, and pay attention. They actually say why most are not tested below.

CBS news then insults its audience with a pretty picture - it is misleading - I'll explain why after you view it:

1. In the beginning of the article, they clearly state that 90,000 women REPORTED being raped. Just because a woman REPORTS that she was raped, does not mean she was ACTUALLY RAPED. There is such a thing as FALSE ACCUSATIONS. Notice how the article just went from 90,000 REPORTED RAPES to 90,000 ACTUAL RAPES. All in just one picture.

2. 75,000 people don't report rapes? Funny, I thought it was ESTIMATED that 75,000 people don't report rapes. Notice that they went from an ESTIMATE to a FACT - in just one picture!

3. Arrest rate of 25% - this is inconclusive. Such a number could mean that 75% of the accusations were false. It could even mean that 90% of the accusations were false, and 15% of the men are now wrongfully imprisoned!

4. 89,000 rapes and 22,584 arrests? All the above points are valid. First, 89,000 rapes ALLEGEDLY occurred. That is, 89,000 women REPORTED they were raped. This does not mean that 89,000 women were ACTUALLY RAPED. Innocent until proven guilty - what a pain in the ass eh?

These numbers could be used to back up the points that MRA's make - that most REPORTED RAPES (i.e. the 90,000 number) are FALSE. This certainly would explain the low number of ACTUAL CONVICTIONS now wouldn't it?

Police departments told us rape kits don't get tested due to cost - up to $1,500 a kit --

Really - which police departments? Just one - or all of them? Pay attention to the wording used here.

a decision not to prosecute,

Yeah the reason they do not prosecute is because the case is weak because:

and victims who recant or are unwilling to move forward with a case.

OH WOW - notice that even though the "victims" recant their story, they are still being called "victims" by the author of this article. If they recant their story - doesn't that mean they were LYING - and hence should be called "criminals" not "victims"???

Psychologist David Lisak from the University of Massachusetts has spent twenty years studying the minds of rapists.

"Somehow all we can do is take the statement from the victim. Take the statement from the alleged perpetrator and then throw up our hands because they are saying conflicting things," he said. "That's not how we investigate other crimes."

Sorry David Lisak - that is NOT how rape crimes are investigated either. If it is true that people simply throw their hands up - why is DNA collected - notice that David Lisak cleverly fails to mention this. Also note: David Lisak says "victim" and "alleged perpetrator" - he does not say "alleged victim". Clearly David Lisak is biased.

Valerie was told her rape kit wasn't tested because they didn't have the money. But when we caught up with Kenton County prosecutor, Rob Sanders, he told us something else.

Keteyian asked, "Why wasn't the rape kit tested in the Valerie Neumann case?"

"The results of the DNA test would not have made the case one way or another," Sanders said.

Gee, I wonder why that would be?

Sanders said his office made a "judgment call" the case was unwinnable in court -- claiming there were issues with Valerie's memory and the alcohol involved. A practice, says Lisak that often plays right into the hands of rapists.

Issues with Valerie's memory. So, she does not clearly "remember" if she was raped or not - that's convenient. I wonder if she tried to blackmail the poor guy first.

More about Non-Stranger Rapes from Psychologist David Lisak

"Predators look for vulnerable people and they prey on vulnerable people," Lisak said. And if, as a criminal justice system, we're going to essentially turn from any victim who was drinking or any victim who was in some way vulnerable - we're essentially giving a free pass to sexual predators."

Worried they were doing just that, CBS News has learned the Oakland California Police Department is now plowing through 489 untested rape kits from stranger rapes dating back six years, looking for evidence in what they believe to be "solvable cases."

Note: They do not mention here how many tested positive - probably a very small number.

The Los Angeles Police Department is testing a backlog of nearly 3,000 rape kits. LAPD's new Chief Charles Beck says efforts to reduce the backlog have "resulted in 405 hits" in the FBI DNA database.

Oh wow - out of 3000 kits, 405 hits! Lets do the math: 405/3000 = 13.5%. This means that 13.5% of the supposed "rapes" actually occurred. That is, the DNA from 86.5% of the supposed suspects did not match. Hmmm...

The other 86.5% did not occur. Hmmm - I wonder why not. After all, the women who accused the men of raping them - why on earth would they do that? Yet, the DNA did not match the man they accused of raping them - strange...

In New York City, prosecutors are even more aggressive - testing every rape kit, even in cases of acquaintance rape - over 1,300 last year alone.

Note: again, they do not mention how many tested positive - why not? Too embarassing? Would it discredit the claim of this entire article?

"You never know what you're going to find," said Mecki Prinz of the NY Medical Examiners Office.

Uh huh - I don't doubt it - like only 13.5% of the alleged rapists DNA actually being "positive"???

The results are stunning. Today New York City's arrest rate for rape is 70 percent - triple the national average.

Oh really - then why that 25% number in the pretty picture above?

Prinz says testing kits in acquaintance cases can tie suspects to other attacks, "We have lots of situations where a domestic situation or an acquaintance situation is actually an indication of the male involved responsible for other rapes," she said.

"we have lots" - how many exactly is that? No mention of actual numbers. Convenient isn't it?

"I feel like they didn't do their job to protect me and to protect everyone else," Valerie said. "I don't think it's something I'll ever forget. I don't think it's something you can forget."

Again, one woman's horror story does not constitute a major problem in society. If her story is even credible in the first place.

Remember the bit about her memory being in question?

Remember that the supposed "suspect" willingly gave his DNA - no mention of any fight or rebuttal from his attorney - why not?

Also, she told reporters that the DNA test would be too expensive - not that it wouldn't confirm her story - hmm. Too embarassing to have the truth revealed? Why did she tell reporters a different story than the prosecutors told reporters?

It does not surprise me that feminists site articles like this one to make points.

I am currently working on ways to debunk his whole "false-rape-accusations are myths" bit that he wrote on his blog.

I am laughing my a$$ off too - many of the articles - they site as references other articles - and those articles site as references the articles that sited them as references. It's called circle-jerking or mental masturbation.

Quite comical indeed - I was laughing so hard I was crying, and now my throat is sore because I was laughing so hard...

Ah - those crazy crazy feminazis...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Feminists Concerned by Low Rape Rates: Start Raping Themselves!

Recent findings in the field of rape and sexual assault have recently uncovered a dark secret in our society: False Rape Claims. A recently conducted study revealed that at least 60% of the rape claims they investigated turned out to be false. The reasons for such false claims included: spite, revenge, or border-line personality disorders.

feminist leaders
Feminist leaders were allegedly shocked by the finding, and held a brain-storming session to combat the problem.

Their goal was to find a way to increase the amount of actual rapes occurring. Despite their best efforts to convince people that the majority of men are rapists, pedophiles, and generally "not nice" human beings, feminist leaders are losing the fight to destroy the general reputation of men. Even their recent ramblings of a mythical man-shortage are falling on deaf ears, as their tactics become more and more transparent.

It is very clear that the majority of men in the United States of America are in fact decent human beings - despite the best efforts of feminists to get the general population to believe otherwise.

feminist leaderFeminist leader Rosy P. Ness allegedly told reporters, "We are running out of funds to feed our sisters who are busy fighting the severe and extreme anorexia problem in this country by shoveling hundreds of donuts into their fat faces each day! We are very good to playing the NATURAL compassion that men have towards women against themselves, but lately, that tactic is falling short - and not paying our humongous food bills to combat anorexia - and ensure that most women are at least 100 pounds overweight!"

feminist leaderHard-core, life-long feminist Inez D. Butt told reporters, "This is an outrage! People are going to start believing that most men are decent human beings and that is total crap! Why, just last week, I got raped at least 587,933 times, possibly even more - I just haven't decided yet!"

Ultimately, feminist leaders have decided the only way to combat the ever-decreasing rape rates, and false-rape accusations is to counteract them by raping themselves.

feminist leaderFeminist Leader Rosy P. Ness allegedly told reporters, "We are so glad that we thought of this. By raping each other over and over again, we are killing two birds with one stone. Not only will this drive rape rates back up, and help to demonize men, but it will also give us a break from eating our own feces for a while. It's good to mix things up every now and again, and do something different!"

police officerPolice Chief Dick Nossack O'Toole of Metropolis told reporters, "I am so glad that the feminists are raping themselves to increase the rape statistics. This will greatly increase funding to my police department. As far as the adverse effects that scaring tons of women into believing that every 8 seconds they have a 50/50 chance of being raped - who cares - I don't - I just want a bigger salary, and the opportunity to vent my frustrations stemming from my inferiority complex out on other men whose penises are definitely bigger than mine!"

corporate tycoonCorporate tycoon Dick E. Bonar was interviewed as well. His thoughts, "Oh, uh yeah, men are all pigs and stuff. The only way for women to combat the 90% rape rate is to buy lots of food, get fat, unattractive, and compensate for their lack of intimacy buy spending lots of money - preferably, money that is not theirs - but their ex-husbands."

police officerPolice Officer M. Lacque Sack told reporters, "Oh yeah, fudging statistics on rape is coming out of the closet - the public just isn't buying it anymore. These crazy psycho-bitches raping themselves will definitely drive rape-rates up, and I'll get a bigger salary. In fact, if they were smart enough to video-tape it; that would make for some really hot porn that I could jack off to. I prefer to masturbate rather than get a real woman - I'm afraid women will make fun of my small penis and gonads - as you can see, I overcompensate my shortcomings in the genital department with my mustache."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pyramid of Egregiousness

Well, here is an interesting Pyramid Flash Program:

Pyramid of Egregiousness

And - Here is an even better Flash Application! Compliments of yours truly!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dickless Moron Wearing Fuzzy Sweater on College Campus Decides he wants to get Laid; Appeals to Women's Hatred of Men to do so

Slaughty Bartfost of Dickless University in Maine obtained a Ph.D. in Philosophy and became an instructor at Dickless University. During those years of attending college, he never once had sexual intercourse. Now, all of that is about to change he claims.

"I plan to approach women with a 'you go grrl' attitude - to let them know that I am on their side. I hope that this will help me get laid. I plan to agree with the male-bashing prevalent on all college campuses in order to get women to like me, and hopefully, put out. I will simply tell women that I agree with laws like V.A.W.A, even though they are clearly sexist. Also, I will show my support for abortion and the rape-shield laws, and whine about how many democrats lost seats in the house of representatives in this election - yeah, that might do it! Why bother with self-respect when it comes to sex?"

Feminists on the Dickless campus were interviewed about Mr. Bartfost's plan. They all claimed that they would gladly have sexual intercourse with Mr. Bartfost just to prove a point. So far, according to Mr. Bartfost however, there have been no actual takers - just a lot of talk and support for his plan to acquire sexual intercourse. Most of them told reporters, the only reason any man agrees with anything women say is to get laid, and this just proves that point.

One brain-washed male-hating woman on the Dickless campus told reporters, "I am afraid of what his penis might do to me - assuming that he even has one. I am too used to the idea of hating male sex organs, and thinking of them as being evil and bad to want anything to do with one - but if it will make a political point, and encourage other of those men-things to agree with male-hatred and feminism, I might just be psychotic enough to do it. I'll have to take some extra Lithium and be severely doped up though. Hell, I'd f**k myself if I thought it would help society grant me more privileges - I MEAN RIGHTS."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Domestic Violence Month Fails to Bring Proper Funds, Feminists Threaten to Beat Themselves if Men Won't!

feminist leaderFeminist leader Edna Butz McKraken then begin eating her own feces and talking into a banana that she claimed was her cell-phone.
Get Some Nuts Spinach LipPolice Chief M. Lacque Sack allegedly told reporters, "Scaring people into believing that women are beaten 20 times every second would be AWESOME! Think of how much funding my police department would get! Not only that, I could vent my own frustrations and inferiority complex out on the next poor chap whose psychotic wife calls 911 over a verbal argument - I wouldn't have to risk dealing with people who are actually dangerous criminals, and I'd get more money too! FREEEEKIN' AWESOME!!"
Whorporate PigThe C.E.O. of Pig Vomit Cola said, "Hey, YEAH! This is brilliant! By convincing women that men are all excessively violent, we can cater to that hatred and anger in our commercials. Oh what fun! If women are stupid enough to believe that crap, they'll be stupid enough to suck down pig-vomit-cola by the gallons in no time! Our Profits Will Soar!!! Just like a downward spiral out of control!"
feminist doctorMedical Doctor Frank N. Stein was interviewed about the effects of domestic violence: "Oh yeah, domestic violence is awesome! I only need another 8000 dollars for my new Jacuzzi, and treating injuries from domestic violence won't get me that. However; I just invested a ton of money in various companies that treat *wink* *wink* psychological conditions like stress, ADHD, and the like. By getting men out of the home, and making women raise children by themselves, stock in those companies is sure to go up - not to mention all the injuries the children will receive - statistics have proved that!"

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mentally Handicapped Man Playing with Box of Crayons Demonstrates the Potential of the Mentally Challenged!

A very special boy named "Gabby" demonstrated the potential of mentally handicapped people have while playing with a box of crayons on Friday October 29, 2010.

His parents, relatives, and his alleged creepy 7th grade English teacher that was always having him play games with his tongue; all allegedly applauded the very special Gabby for doodling the following comic:
gabbys playhouse special sexism
After wiping most of the drool off of the scribbling, the comic was allegedly applauded by professionals in the mental health industry.
Feminist Psychology
Feminist PsychologistPsychologist Fred Fartworthy allegedly stated, "If we can get more mentally handicapped people to draw cartoons like this, we might finally bring an end to this society, AND I WILL RULE THE WORLD!"
Feminist PsychologistPsychiatrist Seymour Butts allegedly said, "Not only is this an excellent demonstration of the potential of the mentally handicapped, but also, and excellent argument for legalizing marijuana, LSD, cocaine and even heroine too! Man, that would be so f**king awesome!"
Feminist PsychologistMental Health Senior advisor, Dr. Ghattno Dick allegedly said, "His random bouts of pussy brain discharge are the best, I've known this crazy bastard for years, jerky. I'm silly, I love it. I'd like to give him a good shoe in the a$$ and two smacks across the mouth because I love that crazy bastard!"