Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Late 20's to Early 30's

This is something I have to share, and I will be brief about it...

During my late 20's to early 30's, I noticed that instead of being "Mr. No Score", I was in fact turning into "Mr. Looks like Marriage Material", or sometimes, "Mr. Smart Person that must be Alienated from my Husband so I can have more Control over my Husband".

Mr. Marriage Material.

Many women I met during this time would say things to me like:

"I have had my fun, and now I want a serious relationship." - i.e. marriage.
"I am looking to settle down now."
"I've outgrown my youth, I need an adult relationship."

Basically, what these women were saying is simple:

"I have had sex with all the men I want to have sex with, now I want a guy that will pay my bills."

"Wild sex is out, legal contracts with pimp-daddy government are in."

"I've realized how foolish I have been by sleeping with all those sociopaths - because at the end of the day, it is money that makes the world go round - since you have been sexually disenfranchised from women - you are one of the few men that has money."

I remember telling some of the women off - I would say things like:

"Do you have any idea how rude you are being? I am not 'fun", I am 'serious'? How come I do not get to have 'fun'?"

"So, after you have all kinds of sex with all those guys, you want me to propose to you before I get sex - that doesn't seem fair."

There were many other examples; I will not bother listing any of them though. I found it extremely annoying that women viewed me as being "Mr. Marriage" instead of "Mr. Sex". And why oh why were those two things not one and the same?

Mr. Smart Person to be alienated from my Husband so I can have more Control over my Husband

Yes, most of my friends got married. A few of their wives actually would hang around me constantly, and would eventually proposition me for sex.

I can assure you, it was not because their husband was inadequate in any way. No. It was because they saw me as a threat to their control over their husband.

What better way for a woman to alienate one of her husband's friends than by sleeping with him.

It is a fact that in my late 20's to early 30's, almost every woman had propositioned nearly all of her husband's friends.

My own personal code of conduct prevented me from accepting such propositions.

Hurray for me - not really. In some cases, the mere "suspicion" that the women projected onto me was enough to alienate my friends.

Case in point: One of my friend's wives kept on visiting me while he was at work (he worked days, I worked nights). She said she did not like being left alone. She kept on insisting that I do a nude portrait of her - she would say things like, "I would love to pose nude for you - do you want to see me naked" (I was into oil-painting). I kept saying no. Eventually, she said this, "Richard, I would love to give you a blow-job".

This was my first proposition from a woman (and not a prostitute) ever. And her intention was not to pleasure me - but to alienate me from my friend. A huge amount of anger welled inside me - and I decked her. Crying, she went home. My friend was pissed when he found out what happened - it ended our friendship.

The first thing the woman would do after having sex with one of my friends - was immediately tell her husband. Of course, the woman would always tell a story of wild seduction from the man - so wild she couldn't resist. When listening to such stories from my friends, I knew they were bullshit - since I had literally been begged to unzip my pants by the same women.

During this time, I saw all of my friends become alienated from one another because of affairs. I came out of the whole thing "on top" - because of my aforementioned code of conduct. I did lose a few friends however.

One interesting case: One of my friend's wives (who propositioned me several times), engaged in an affair with another one of my friends. I calmed the situation down - by pointing out to both of them - who was doing the propositioning. I told them that she also propositioned me - and I refused. They both agreed that she was to blame for the affair - and decided to remain friends.

The reason I interfered: I had seen too many of my friends become enemies because of these clever and sexually manipulative women. I was not going to let it happen anymore.

Her response to the fact that they remained friends:

She threw herself off the rooftop of one of the local casinos and killed herself.

I guess that if she could not alienate her husband's friends via sex, she would use her own death to do so (or perhaps life was simply not worth living without total control over her husband). That effectively planted a seed of hatred between my two friends.

To this day, I wonder if just before she jumped she shouted, "I LOVE YOU DAMEON!"

My late 20 to early 30's sucked. All the women I met were either interested in getting pimp-daddy-government to dictate a "relationship" with a guy like me (after f**king every other guy on the planet), or they were interested in alienating their husband's (or boyfriend's) friends to have more control over their "relationhips" - they did this by using sex as a weapon.

Either way, the women sucked (and not they way they are supposed to suck).

To learn more about modern western women, I recommend a brilliant essay I found:

All Women Are Shit

It is a bit of a long read, but well worth it. The essay is both insightful and brilliant! It is also a very fun and educational read - full of intrigue! I could not stop reading it until I reached the end! Please enjoy it as much as I did!


  1. Richard,

    Wow. American women really are amoral sociopaths for the most part. They make women in Australia look good - and that's saying something (AUS women are a bit less paranoid and less psychotic, but that's about it - they're still shallow, elitist, materialistic, soft bigots, etc.).

    In general, I think that Anglo women are profoundly cynical. I mean, they hope to exploit our more sexually charged, less intelligent male brethren for sex (and oddly enough, give those twats one of the few things they care about) whilst exploiting hard-working, decent individuals like your good self for your gains, earned through straining and sweating. In your case, they hope to prey on the emotional and sexual disenfranchisement you've suffered and claw you in with those very things in a desperate attempt to access your money. Very clever, yet very cynical and even a touch evil.

    I just turned 21, BTW and already I see how mediocre many Anglo girls are as human beings. Their demeanour reminds me of a French aristocrats - they're completely unperceptive as to the sufferings of their perceived 'serfs' (us) and how privileged they are in comparison. Throughout history, can you name a more privileged group of middle-class individuals than modern-day Anglo girls?

  2. On your first point-
    I'm in the age bracket where Princess is either looking to "settle down" with a marriage-minded chump(who she still expects to be of high-value) or looking for a new baby daddy to help her raise her spawn.
    To paraphrase one woman's profile (She was very plain looking) - "I am a 37-year old single mother with two daughters in junior high. They are the love of my life. I am looking for a SERIOUS relationship with a kind, gentle, loving, marriage-minded man who will commit to me. I am only attracted to guys with a motorcycle and tattoos, but no bad boys allowed. You must also have a good job. I know exactly the kind of man I want, and if you do not meet the description don't contact me." No I am not making this up, and there are many other profiles showing this level of delusion.

    In the next month I may be taking a new job making nice $$$$ in a city with a wildly disproportionate number of single women compared to single men. Yes, I am prepared to hire a bodyguard.

    On your second point-
    Most of my male friends and co-workers near my age are married to shrieking harridans. Thank God none of them have propositioned to me, I think I would vomit up my stomach if that happened. Even if I had never seen an anti-marriage site online, witnessing my friends suffer would be enough to keep me away from marriage.

  3. @DaRick:

    I forgot to mention that group of women who have children, and want some body to "float the bill" - that is - after they breed with a psycho, they want a civilized man to pay for the kids. Total BS.


    This post really should have read "late 20's to early 30's"

    That 37-year-old - is typical of what I found.

    They want Mr. Paradox - covered with tattoos, into motorcycles - and yet, not a "bad boy".

    What a steaming pile of sh*t eh?

    I have found that most women do not know what the f**k they want.


  4. Richard,

    Yeah, I sort of figured that out - which is part of the reason why I said that they were cynics at heart - possibly enough to make a jaded soul like myself resemble a naive little boy. The things is, they don't have the perceptiveness to realise it.

  5. @DaRick:


    Or the self-awareness to realize it...

  6. I stumbled upon this website by accident. And being a female and reading this, in no way am I offended. I'm much younger (say early 20's) and I gotta admit, you're spot on. I witnessed a lot of this controlling behavior from girls when I was in high school. One boy was force to tie his girlfriends shoelace.. WTF!That must hurt a man's dignity.

    Well anyways, I in no way have taken part in any relationship. Yes I'm in my 20's and never dated, so to me personally this is a reflection among majority of the woman population, be it single/dating/married e.t.c. So this doesn't apply to me.
    But I can say for a fact that I would never be tempted to CONTROL the man in a relationship nor be controlled. To sum it up, I want to be in an egalitarian relationship if I'm ever in any. How are you feeling atm?

  7. @Anon:

    "One boy was force to tie his girlfriends shoelace.. WTF!That must hurt a man's dignity. "

    No - that person is not a man.

    "How are you feeling atm? "

    Forgive - what does ATM mean?

  8. haha You made me laugh. =D

    I guess your definition of a "man" is different from his. ATM means at the moment..

  9. Oh my God! I am so sorry to hear that you've met a lot of women who are crazy, manipulative and psychotic. I assure you that there are still some good women out there. Hope you do find someone who is right for you. Don't give up!

    1. Anon:
      A man has a better chance of winning the lottery than finding a good woman.

    2. I have not met either one of those two women yet (lol)