Monday, August 30, 2010

LIE: A 'Nice Guy' is a Whiny Self-Serving Manipulative Man

Feminist Mother
Feminists (and others) claim that a "nice-guy" is actually a self-serving, whiny, manipulative man that attributes his lack of success with women to his self-proclaimed kindness.

From a standard Dictionary:

Nice: -adjective, nic -er, nic -est
1. pleasing; agreeable; delightful: a nice visit.
2. amiably pleasant; kind: They are always nice to strangers.

Guy: -noun
1. Informal. A man or a boy; fellow: He's a nice guy.

So, a "Nice Guy" is a pleasing, agreeable, delightful man or boy.

Upon hearing the phrase, "nice guys finish last", the feminists (and others) decided to pervert the term "nice guy" to mean something derogatory.

Just like "Rule of Thumb", the feminists have taken a common phrase, and perverted it to mean something that is demonizing to men.

Instead of meaning a pleasing, agreeable, delightful man or boy, they have decided that a "nice guy" is actually a self-serving, whining, manipulative man who claims that his lack of success with women is due to his self-proclaimed kindness.

The perversion in action:
MAN: I'd like you to meet Bill, he is a real nice guy.
WOMAN: No thanks, I have met enough self-serving, whining, manipulative men already.

The funny thing is: To discredit the phrase, "nice guys finish last" would not be terribly difficult, simply conduct a study:

Clearly define what behaviors and character traits qualify as "nice".
Find a random sample of men.
Clearly define what qualifies as being "successful with women".
Determine which men are "nice" and which are not.
Compare the intimate habits of the "nice" men with the other men.
To the best of my knowledge, no such study has ever been done.
Lack of research does not stop feminism!

Rather than conduct a study to validate or invalidate the phrase, "nice guys finish last", the feminists have decided to pervert the English language.

Maybe the phrase is true?

Whether it is true or not is irrelevant, a "nice guy" is a pleasing, agreeable, delightful man or boy.

You can find examples of the perversion in action at:
heartless-bitches - Be sure to read through the whole section - notice the contradictions and flagrant misuse of the term "nice"!

AND manhood101 - no, you are not hallucinating!

The fact that there are two web-pages, run by supposedly different people, show that this nonsense is being taught in schools - most likely college campuses.
When the word "nice" is used before the word "guy" it now means something derogatory. When it is used before any other word, "nice times", "nice woman", "nice dog", "nice meal"... it means something positive. When it is used before "guy" it is bad.


  1. actually that is not a lie. the majority of guys that i have known to refer to themselves as "nice guys" are actually whiny and manipulative. if you are really that nice, not only would you not have to broadcast it (as your actions would speak for themselves) but you wouldn't have to use it as an excuse for not having success with women. usually nice guys that dont get any play are passive aggressive and aren't masculine and that is why they are walked all over easily and unattractive to a lot of women.

    a pleasant, agreeable man usually wouldnt call himself a nice guy. and we dont call them nice guys, we often refer to these guys as "good men" or "a catch"

  2. The message is a simple one:

    Do not use the word "nice" to describe those guys.

    This is a feminist attempt to re-organize the English language.

    Glad to see you are in such agreement with the feminists.

    Tell me - "Bronze Sparkles".

    Are your Sparkles Really Bronze?

    Are are you just calling them Bronze because they are whiny and manipulative.

    The "nice" guys you are describing are not nice.

    How retarded can you get?

    Extremely retarded!!!!

  3. "Are your Sparkles Really Bronze?"
    LMFAO you're crazy!!

    First of all, "nice guys" aren't even on my radar anyway so I don't call them anything for that matter. I think you should take this subject up with men who do refer to themselves as "nice guys". Let them know that they are being manipulated by the evil feminist agenda to manipulate the meaning of the word "nice". They may not know this yet! Were you aware that there are actually men who refer to themselves as "nice guys"? And these same men are whiny and where do you get some conspiracy theory of a feminist agenda when it is the men themselves who call themselves "nice guys"?

  4. Sorry. I have never met a guy who refers to himself as a "nice guy".

    Crazy guys aren't really crazy.


  5. I have. On more than one occasion. And in the course of describing themselves as "nice" they uniformly have complained about the women who rejected them.

    Example: "I've been there for her for over a year. I listen to her bitch about other men, and hug her when she's crying. And even after all that, she won't have me [translation: sleep with me]. It's true. Nice guys finish last. To get the girl you have to be an arrogant prick."

    Over the years, I've heard this from multiple men. It may not be the feminists who are giving nice guys a bad name. Perhaps whiny, manipulative guys should quit using the term for themselves.

  6. @Anonymouse: Whatever honey.

    You just keep sucking the dick attached to the fist that's knocking your teeth out.

    Or - not sucking the dick of that "nice guy".

    You go ahead and believe what ever you want.

    If it helps you to think of nice guys as being "whiny" - you go right ahead.

    It's called "denial" - look it up.

    Sooner or later, people will realize that women are not the princesses they are painted to be.

    Nice guys are not "whiny" - women simply do not like nice men - admitting that men are "nice" would show women as being absolutely atrocious now wouldn't it?

    After all, they applaud the mutilation of men they do not even know...

    Your attitude speaks volumes.

  7. i AM a nice guy (real meaning not the fake kind feminists use). I AM NOT: whiney/manipulative/ women tell me i'm good looking all the time. hell, WOMEN CALL ME A NICE GUY i didn't start calling myself a nice guy untill over 50 different women started calling me it. and yeah, i've seen it over n over n over n over. i get strung along and used, dumped, and then she's off f*&*ing some jerkoff whose gonna dump her in less that 2 days because she's gonna f&^& his brains out for the first 2 days n then he's off looking for a new conquest. THEN the SAME WOMEN ALWAYS come crawling back to me expecting me to just "forgive n forget". sorry, but i've turned every single one of them down cuz they ARE WHORES!!!!!!! hell, i just buy prostitutes now (at least there honest about how much they cost)n when regular women approach me i tell them flat out- "i'm a nice guy, go look for a jerk n have fun cuz i don't want you after the fact"

  8. Wow. Ivan certainly see how the previous poster came to the conclusion that he is "pleasant and agreeable!". Not only does he call the women he has dated "whores," but he's confident enough to explain to all exactly how good-looking he is. Factor on some pretty impressive literary skills, and I think we just might have the catch of the century here, girls!

    It was pretty "nice"of him to prove the point of the brave female here;)

    1. Well - that all depends on your definition of nice now doesn't it.

      At least - he is honest - and - as he points out - the women in his life started the whole "nice guy" bit...

      One thing is for sure - you definitely cannot call that man "SWEET"!!!!


  9. "Nice guys finish last" is just a whiny attempt from sad, broken-hearted men who believe they are the only ones who dated jerks. Both e GIRLS AND GUYS CAN BE JERKS. There are tons of "nice" girls who get screwed over by jerk guys and what do these "nice guy" say to her "You're fault for dating a jerk and not me!" WTH? Then why are you fcking complaining that you keep dating jerk girls? Stop complaining that just because you have a dick you aren't getting pussy like the fake skits in pornos. You have to work for it! Just like As in class doesn't come fcuking easy for majority of people, YOU have to work harder than the minority of males and females that don't have to even lift a finger to get a good catch. You don't see "nice" girls whining that guys ditch them for jerks.

    1. Hmmm - so entrenched is your mind...

      I think you missed the point of my writing.

      If a nice guy is not nice - then do not call him nice from the start.

      The flaw lies not within the word nice - but the person orating it.

      Instead of saying "nice guy", why don't you say, "whiny guy"?