Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Nonsense and Idiotic Philosophy in Regards to Alpha Males

I have heard that women seek alpha males. I have even heard that alpha males typically have their own "harems" of women that they engage in sexual activities with.

Thanks to feminism this is utter nonsense, and here's why:

What are the characteristics of an alpha male?
  • Physical Prowess.
  • Mentally adept.
  • Emotionally stable.
  • Economically well-to-do.
Can I site real-life examples of some alpha males - Sure:
I was browsing the Duke Lacrosse Scandal, and I found physical statistics on two of the three accused Duke University students:

Collin Finnerty6'5"210
Reade Seligmann6'1"225
David Evansunknownunknown

In addition to the three young men being physically strong, it is obvious that they also have high levels of physical endurance, since Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport.
Lacrosse is a full-contact sport. You do not play Lacrosse if you are highly susceptible to pain.

As for all three of them, Duke University has rigorous academic standards for its students. It is an academically demanding university.

Also, their parents lived in million dollar homes - very well to do families indeed...

If these three young men are not alpha males, then who the hell is?
If alpha males indeed have "harems" as suggested...
Why did the Duke Lacrosse players have to resort to hiring a ghetto-trash stripper in order to get sexual stimulation? And one that looks like a horse's ass at best.

Couldn't they have had some of the women from their "harems" strip for them in order to entertain them sexually?
No - such harems do not exist - as the typical woman HATES men like this.
The fact that these alpha males had to resort to hiring a ghetto-trash-horses-ass-stripper in order to get sexual stimulation shows how sexually disenfranchised ALL men have become these days - alpha or not.
By observing how they were treated when they were FALSELY accused of rape, it is obvious our society loathes and hates alpha males. The more alpha they are - the more they are hated. The more sexualized they are, the younger or more in their sexual prime they are, the more they are hated.
Quote from Dr. Rookh Kshatriya:
The Anglo media hates sexualized beings, so it hates men period.
It stands to reason from this quote that the more sexualized a man is, the more he will be hated by said media - and hence - hated by society as well.

Now, lets take a look at the flip side of the coin - the RUNT male...

What are the properties of a RUNT MALE:
  • Physically small or weak.
  • Mentally distorted.
  • Emotionally unbalanced.
  • Little or no economic status.
Has there ever been a man fitting these criteria that had a "harem" of women.

Yes, there has:

Charles Manson - RUNT.

  • 5'2" tall.
  • Believed in helter skelter (race war). Helter Skelter was a beatles song and an amusement ride in a park in the United Kingdom.
  • Known heavy drug user.
  • Had his own harem of women.
We can see that it is the runt males, or the outcasts in our society that acquire harems, not alpha males.

This is due to feminism

Feminism has vilified the alpha male, and the beta male, as being oppressive to women. Or at least, has blamed such men in the past for fictional oppressions of women.

When young women are told repeatedly that the men who founded our society are all rapists, abusive towards women, abusive towards children etc... It makes young women reject the standard (beta) and exceptional (alpha) male for the males that are outcasts of society.
This process of repeatedly telling women (and men) lies is called brainwashing.
It also makes people in such a society have an insane rage against such men (a false sense of vindictiveness that they mis-label as being "justice"), as they believe such men are responsible for fictional atrocities committed against women in days past.

Click here to watch Nancy DIS-Grace's Early statements about the Duke Fiasco on YouTube!
This makes people go to great extents to carry out a bitter sense of MISS-justice whenever such men are accused of crimes. Even if such malice leads to their own demise.
like - District Attorney Mike Nifong.
As an aside I offer this: The most stupid thing a woman said to me about the Duke Lacrosse Scandal:

"Well, they might not have raped her, but if she accused them of that, then they must have done something wrong".

It does not matter if they even committed a crime. Alpha males (and to a lesser extent beta males) are HATED in our culture.

The more sexualized they are, the more they are HATED - especially by women - PERIOD.


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