Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Female Bigots

Well, I just added a new section to my web-site


The purpose will be to collect names - like those pointed out in Roosh V's blog post It’s Time To Start Delivering Death Blows To Feminists, pointed out to me by rmaxGenactivePUA - Mega thanks bro!!

The one thing I noticed in the man-o-sphere (which I do not consider myself a part of), is a lot of arguing and fighting.

I understand that there are a lot of angry men out there.  I understand that many men have had their children, fortunes and other things stripped from them by falsely vindictive women.

However; the man-o-sphere also attracts some blindly hateful and falsely vindictive men of its own now doesn't it?

I have been brainstorming on activism.  I think that Roosh V is correct in his post linked above.  When I hear news stories (be it independently, or via some other blog), I think that a proper investigation is in order - followed by a female bigot being added to the list I will be maintaining.

Roosh V. lists three names (and I am guessing that by reading the posts linked to I will find more).

If anybody can help me with this - please feel free to E-mail me, or leave a comment on this post.

Also, in the near future I will be adding a feedback link to the web-site of FEMALE BIGOTS to allow people to make suggestions.

No, this will not be a place for vindictive ex-boyfriends to post the names of their ex-girlfriends.  It will be a place where women like Manju Rajendran will be listed. Manju Rajendran started what can only be described as a lynch mob against the duke lacrosse players who were FALSELY accused of rape. This type of bigotry and medieval justice have no place in our society, so, the women perpetrating it also have no place in our society.

This will also not be a bad re-hashing of "register her".  The problem I have with register-her is that many of the woman listed as false accusers have in fact gone to jail for their atrocities.  This will be a list intended to destroy the reputations, careers and lives of women who are bigoted and prejudiced against men - beyond no shadow of a doubt.

Any and all help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Harry Reid and Rory Reid not Involved in any Sex Scandals, so it's all Cool!

RIP-Factor reporters have been doing research into the recent Harry Reid and Rory Reid stories in the news. It is very difficult to get facts from a story involving a politician - especially if they are left wing, because most retards journalists will support them. However; RIP-Factor reporters have come to a rock solid conclusion.

Neither Harry Reid nor Rory Reid are having sex with any pretty white women, so it's all cool.
Rory Reid Harry Reid

Yes, this much we can be certain of. In fact, RIP-Factor reporters are not sure whether either of the two politicians even have penises.

Unlike Bill Clinton, who had sex with a young pretty white woman – and an impeachment trial actually began – Harry Reid and Rory Reid are not doing anything like that, so it’s all cool.

It is true that somehow, 17000 no 31000 no 17000 no 31000 or some odd dollars meant to go to Harry Reid's campaign fund ended up going right to his grand-daughter's jewelry store, but at least sex was in no way involved. Also, Harry Reid himself has promised that he is really very sorry and it will never happen again told everybody complaining to go f**k themselves!
Harry Reid
Now, the allegations are as follows...

There may be an endangered species of desert turtle that was being disrupted by Clive Bundy grazing cattle on 600,000 acres of desert land. And of course, the other story is that Clive Bundy has not been paying the proper fees to graze his cattle on that land.

At any rate, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) formed an armed militia to do battle with Clive Bundy.

At this point, RIP-Factor reporters are certain that no pretty white women have been hurt, or raped in an heroic fashion. We also know that sex is not involved here, so there really isn't that much of a story - except that one of the members of the Bundy family - or perhaps just a protester had really big boobs
Big Boobs
Nevada BLM Protester with really big boobs

Sure, how are the Reid's all millionaires? Who knows... Sure, they might be planning to sell American land to an overseas government, sure they might be involved in mishandling campaign funds, sure, they probably made their familes fortunes by cheating American citizens and abusing their authority.

All of that may or may not be true.

But RIP-Factor reporters do in fact know one thing that is a FACT!

They are not having sex with any pretty white women - and that is really important - as this means that they are good folk who do not believe in that sort of thing.
Harry Reid
Harry Reid

The left-wing women sitting at home reading this can rest assured, and sleep soundly tonight, knowing that we do NOT have a politician in office that does that sex stuff - because that is a mortal sin err dirty err uhm degrading to women or whatever.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Katherine Heigl Suing Duane Reade

Katherine Heigl is suing Duane Reade because of her horrific hemorrhoid problem that not only infects her anus, but her back, vagina and testicle implants as well. This is not news to RIP-Factor reporters, as they were already aware of Katherine Heigl's terrible hemorrhoid problem. What we did discover, is that her name is being used to appropriately advertise many other products as well.
Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl

It is unclear to RIP-Factor reporters at this time if little misses stinky pants Katerine Heigl plans to sue those companies as well.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Napkin Hurts Female Pilot's Feelings

Women in aviation is all fun and games - until somebody's feelings get hurt. That is exactly what happened like March 4th or something on WestJet Airlines.
A vile and disgusting man-thing wrote a horrible and disgusting letter on a napkin to a sweet little angel pilot who farts spring mist and poops rose pedals.

Was it a death threat?

Was it a rape threat?

Did he tell her how ugly she was?

No - those are all sweet things to say (sarcasm). Instead, the vile sub-human thing wrote on the napkin that a woman should be at home and not be in the cock-pit of an airplane.
Evil Napkin


Although RIP-Factor reporters do not agree with the napkin, the pilot or the defiler of the napkin, they did make some suggestions to "WestJet" - the airline company employing the female whose feelings got hurt by the napkin.

To start, we suggested that if they do have female airline pilots, they take a break every 15 minutes (be relieved by a male airline pilot), so that they can perform strip-shows for male passengers.
Female Pilots Reading Napkins
After that, oral sex instead of the beverage cart.
Happy Man
This would reduce the country's obesity problem. Instead of airline passengers being given fattening beverages, the female airline pilots could blow them instead. This would also reduce prostate cancer.
Female Pilots Reading Napkins
After the oral sex, boob sex and a spanking.
Happy Man
And of course, angry anal is always a pleasant experience for any airline passenger.

After making the suggestions that they did to WestJet, RIP-Factor reporters allegedly interviewed Carey Smith Steacy about the evil sexist napkin.

RIP-Factor - why didn't you just throw the napkin away and ignore it? Why pay any attention to what some lunatic scribbles onto a napkin?

Carey Smith Steacy Carey - I like drama - flying planes is boring. I have not had this much fun without my dildo in years! Also, paying attention to a small lunatic fringe and making a mountain out of it is a good way to berate men - whom I hate with a passion - because I never get any. Any sane person knows that nobody gives a rat's ass about who is flying the plane - as long as it isn't a dog with a party whistle and monkey in a ballerina skirt. I just finally found that one small lunatic after dealing with hundreds of thousands of passengers over a 17 year career of flying - now I am going to make this into a major spectacle - to make it appear that most men think like this - with the main stream media's help of course.

When RIP-Factor reporters asked her what she thought of our ideas for improving WestJet as an airline company (the strippers, oral sex, spanking, hand jobs, boob sex and angry anal), she put this look on her face
Carey Smith Steacy
For about 5 minutes - then said "I'm out of here" and left.

RIP-Factor reporters could tell that she was excessively excited by the ideas we offered to WestJet, and probably went home to masturbate - too shy and whatnot to engage in an orgy on the spot.

RIP-Factor reporters assessment of the entire situation was that some odd-ball must have wrote the message on the napkin, and that Carey Smith Steacy is definitely bangable. She is more than welcome to fly in our cock pit anytime!
Carey Smith Steacy


Carey Smith Steacy





Friday, April 4, 2014

Psycho Crazy Man Murders Woman

Take a look at this very beautiful young woman...
Holly Bobo

Holly Bobo

Holly Bobo
Her name is Holly Bobo, and she is dead. No, her boyfriend did not kill her - as I often point out. I have something different to point out this time.

This is the man that killed her - Zachary Adams
Zachary Adams

Zachary Adams
Yes, he is creepy looking indeed. Allegedly, he was dressed in camouflage when he abducted Holly Bobo. Supposedly, witnesses heard a scream early one morning, and discovered that she was missing.

So, how is this Murder and Male Resentment?

Well, technically it isn't (although I use that title - it actually never is). What gets me, is that the average feminazi professor in college, regular politically correct f**ktard professor, or dime-a-dozen journalist is busy frightening young women and convincing them that the young men they go to college with are bad people that they should avoid (you know - self purported nice guys).
Duke Lacrosse

And it pains me to do this, but in case any feminazi's are reading, I feel obligated to remind them that the woman who accused these young men of rape was in fact LYING.
Crystal Mangum

The women's studies professors (and FAGGOT MRA's) who are constantly bitching about patriarchy and male privilege really need to step out of the box for a minute, and ask themselves what effect they are REALLY having on men - and women.

I want to make something clear here too - Holly Bobo was not asking for it. No woman asks for it. There are deranged people out there who do bad things to other people - they have no reason other than their own mental illness - PERIOD. The people shot by James Holmes in the Batman Movie Theater were not asking for it. John F. Kennedy was not asking for it. Get it through your thick fucking heads already!

Young women are getting murdered by psycho weirdos while decent young men (that most feminazis preach to avoid) are being falsely accused of "sex-crimes".

The typical feminist response to things like this is not justice, but is in fact, blind-hatred, miss-guided vindictiveness and impotent rage (a subject I will talk about in a later post - and how it has already infested the "man-o-sphere") - this is seen below
Castration March

Why don't women's studies professors stop talking about how self-purported nice guys are all out to get women - and start warning young women about REAL threats to their safety - like the psycho shown above?

While this event is indeed tragic, I find it hard to empathize. It is up to normal women to put a stop to this - because when somebody like myself says it - it will always be taken out of context. And of course - the dikes at AVFM (A VINDICTIVE FAGGOTY MORON), are not worth their weight in piss to anybody. Yes, it is up to normal women to put a stop to this folly - something that they have been an EPIC FAIL at for the last 50 years.

Normal women need to tell the feminazi professors and politically correct apologists, "SHUT THE F**K UP!"

Sure, most young men Holly Bobo's age want to do nothing but f**k her brains out 24/7, but honestly - is that really such a bad thing? If she had a self-purported nice guy as a boyfriend living with her (and f**king her brains out 24/7) - would this have happened to her?

When are women going to start stomping on the f**ktards like David Futrelle and tell them to just shut up and f**k off - and truly start thinking for themselves?

When are women going to stop reading bullsh*t 5000 word essays missplaining how the young men they go to college with are really evil people - while at the same time - DOING NOTHING TO WARN THEM ABOUT REAL THREATS TO THEIR SAFETY?

The sooner normal women start standing up to these clowns, the sooner their reputation will be regained, and moronic men-hating women like this
Adria Richards
will no longer be their voice - a voice that does nothing but degrade them.

Yes, the true degradation and exploitation of women is not some horny guy, porn, clothing, skinny, fat or swimsuit models - it is women who are ignorant buffoons and hate men - and other women who are stupid enough to take them seriously.

Enjoy engaging in feminist thought crime and objectify this hottie in your mind - or - enjoy burning in hell for being a heterosexual MAN
Hot Chick
Seriously, what the f**k is this world coming to?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Psychiatrists Find New Disorders Similar to ADD and ADHD - ADM and ARDM

Lunatics Psychiatrists have been making lots of money doing lots of research into the problems affecting many boys with clueless single mothers who wouldn't know their ass from a hole in the ground young children these days that go by the acronyms ADD and ADHD. However; one marble collector with an actual functioning brain has in fact discovered two new disorders in children - ADM and ARDM.

There are in fact some people who do not know what ADD and ADHD are. Put simply, they stand for:

Attention Deficit Disorder
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

So, what many people might be asking is what are ADM and ARDM?

ADM and ARDM are also acronyms for

A Dumb Mother
A Really Dumb Mother

Dr. Armando Huevon Cojones, a bit of an outcast in the psychiatric field, discovered the disorders by spending many boring hours of his job talking to frantic psycho bitches that have made incredibly bad choices for husbands and fathers. Instead of blaming men for everything, he decided to take a stance against the pseudo-science of psychiatry, and ponder if perhaps women were in any way to blame for the poor state of many children today.

He came to the conclusion that many women not only make poor choices for a life partner (and hence they have none or are dead), but also make bad mothers. Hence, he coined the terms A Dumb Mother, and A Really Dumb Mother, or ADM and ARDM.

However; many psychiatrists do not believe that ADM and ARDM should be real disorders, as there are no medications to prescribe, and hence, they cannot invest money into drug companies that would manufacture the worthless shit that doesn't do what it claims to but has 500 side effects medication.

Dr. Jack Goff
Dr. Willie Stroker
Dr. Anass Rhammer
Dr. Mike Litoris


Dr. Armando Huevon Cojones claims that the man depicted below might have actually not been a child molester, if he were properly treated for ADM or ARDM.

Psychiatrist Armando Huevon Cojones claims that the man above resorted to molesting children because he had A shitty Dumb Mother.

Of course, other psychiatrists merely laughed at the concept that any woman be held to motherly standards, or held accountable for their choices in sex partners as being antiquated. After all, how else are they gonna get laid?

Here is your daily dose of setting unrealistic standards for women. Please feel free to engage in feminist thought crime and objectify her in your mind - OR - damn your eternal soul to hell for being straight lusting after women instead of altar boys - OR - just being a bad man in general - it can be our little secret!
Hot Babe

Friday, March 28, 2014


So, I was browsing news stories, and I came across one that claimed that female college students watch porn too. The Muffington Boast also did such an article.

Well, duh.

Most young people are curious about sex - there is no debating that.

I kept following links from that story, and came across this woman (Belle Knox - a college student, and a porn star)
Now, if I read things right, this young woman is a feminst as well.  Awkward - she is thin - the kind of thin that makes feminists claim that porn sets unrealistic standards for young women?  WTF!?

Anyway, to continue - I found this article on JEZEBEL - ughhh.

She said this "the same people who are shaming me are the same people who are jacking off to me." (supposedly, she has gotten rape and death threats from people at the college she attends).

Hmmm.  Interesting indeed - a jackassed assumption to be sure - but let us examine this.

How in the f**k does she know that the people issuing death and rape threats are in fact the same ones masturbating to her?  How does she know it isn't other feminists groups that hate porn - or hate women with healthy bodies?

She clearly does not - it is, as I said, a jackassed assumption.

Now, let us talk shaming shall we?  How about "thin shaming"?  Yes, you heard it right.  THIN SHAMING.  I find it queer that some women (feminists) will bitch endlessly about how bad porn is, yet engage in it themselves.  I find it queerer still how women will bitch that porn sets unrealistic standards for women's bodies - yet, young feminists with real thin bodies will make such porn.

Are these women (feminists) creating all the things they like bitching about so much?

Since when are feminists into making porn (aside from the obvious money to be made)?

If you read the articles about "Female College Students also Watch Porn" - linked to above - you'll see that the push is to make "porn for women" - whatever that is.

I have no idea what it is - but I have a guess - this is just an another attempt to marginalize male space.  They have taken away most regular sex - and sexual fantasies - so men turned to porn - in droves too it seems (according to the articles) - now - the feminists and young bimbos are going to f**k up porn.

That would make sense - unfortunately, I'll never know - as I am not into porn.

So, to start, let me announce that I in no way support death or rape threats issued to this woman.  At the same time, I think she is a jackassed ditz for assuming that the people "shaming" her are also masturbating to her - that would mean it is only men making the threats - how does she know that?

How come she doesn't make the assumption that jealous women are the one issuing the threats?  After all, if everything I have heard is true - men will flock to her in droves - she is hot - and she makes porn...

There is one answer - male hatred.  Even though she makes porn - she makes a asinine assumption that only men are capable of violence.

I would conclude that although this woman appears to be "sex positive", she is in fact "male negative" - or at least excessively "female positive".

I am going to read more articles on Jezebel - they are an excellent reminder of how dumb the so-called "enlightened", "evolved" and "modern" women can be!

If you are reading this, ,please share your thoughts on this - I am interested in what other people think about this.

And - if you are a young woman attending U.N.R. or Truckeee Meadows Community College and want to watch porn - let me know - I'll buy some for you.