Friday, March 20, 2020

Who are these ^!%@#s Who say the Twilight Zone was Scary?

Rod Serling looking disgusted by ^!%@#s who think his show was scary

My whole life, I have watched this show.  When I was young, I watched the movie and Dan Akroyd and some other character were in a car talking about how scary it was.  I thought to myself, "Scary!?  WTF?  It wasn't scary!". 

My whole life, I from there on heard how scary it was - just search it on the internets.

Even the episodes that were supposed to be scary like "The Masks" - greedy turds getting deformed by masks - that isn't scary.  Or, "Living Doll" - a little girl's doll becomes sentient and starts threatening her father - hilarious!

Five Characters in Search of an Exit - 5 people of radically different vocations are trapped in a large steel drum - it turns out they are actually dolls on sale in a market.

Yup - I pulled the covers over my head that night!

Hocus Pocus and Frisbee - a pathological liar is abducted by aliens who are incapable of understanding what a lie is (hence they think he is the genius he claims to be) - when he escapes nobody believes he was abducted (boy who cried wolf).

Yup!  I pulled the covers over my head that night!

Magic Dust - a drunken old man's son is being hanged after accidentally hitting a kid with his carriage.  A con artist sells him "magic dust" that when sprinkled on the crowd will change their hearts.  When the crowd sees a desperate old drunk man making a fool of himself and is eventually kicked down onto the dirt and cries - the crowd does change it's hearts.

Yup!  I pulled the covers over my head that night!

Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up - A bus load of people get stopped in a small town at a cafe.  The police show up because a crashed UFO landed nearby.  Crazy things happen in the cafe.  Turns out there were actually two aliens in the crowd - from planets at war with each other.

Yup!  I pulled the covers over my head that night!

Time Enough at Last - a book worm obsessed with reading ends up being the last man on earth.  Stumbling through the wreckage, he finds a library and believes he has found paradise!  But in his carelessness, he breaks his only pair of glasses.

Yup!  I pulled the covers over my head that night!

What You Need - an old man has a clairvoyant gift to give people minor knick-knacks that make drastic improvements to their lives.  An angry man stalks him.  The old man gives him shoes that make him slip as he crosses the street - and he gets hit by a car.  The old man did that deliberately to protect himself (good for him!)

Yup!  I pulled the covers over my head that night!  (all these were sarcasm for any Futrellians out there...)

My whole life I have watched this show, and my whole life I have heard how scary it is supposed to be.  It isn't scary, it is mind expanding.  The shows seemed to point to a typical, then went very atypical - I found that to open my mind quite a bit.

It seems like only a cerebral buffoon would label such a show as "scary".

So - who are these ^!%@#s who call it scary?

Oh yeah - the same ^!%@#s who run most media outlets...


Watch the show and enjoy if you can.

My favorite is "I Show an Arrow into the Air".
Several astronauts crash land on what they believe to be an asteroid.  One astronaut hell bent on survival kills the other two surviving astronauts to steal their water.  He realizes the ship has simply crashed back on Earth in the Nevada desert - do the words "multiple homicide" mean anything to ya dumb-ass?

Good show, and not scary at all.  Not even when I was a little kid.

I just feel sorry for the ^!%@#s calling it scary.  Pathetic and disconnected for sure!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

I'm Alive...

I hope all of you are too!

One of my usual routines on the weekend is to go grocery shopping.

It certainly was not usual today.

There was plenty of food in the stores, but certain things had been completely pilfered.

Thank goodness I did not need toilet paper!

I got concerned on how serious this is.  I wished I could observe somebody who was infected with COVID19, so I could ask them how terrible they felt.

Then it hit me - youtube.

I did a Google video search for coronavirus survivor.

All of the results were hosted by news channels.

No youtube content creators had posted videos of themselves in a ill state.  Only 2 videos were actually on youtube - which in itself is weird - normally when I do a video search on google, ALL the videos are on youtube.

So.  Either no youtube creators are sick, or some are sick and too unwell to post?

Tom Hanks has it, here is what he says.

Doesn't sound that bad...  Odd too, the first batch of infected testimonies I read sounded deadly serious...

The virus is pointing out some basic truths about how screwed up this country is.

I don't have answers for you, I have questions.

Well, I do have one answer, I think I know why people are buying toilet paper so maniacally right now...

I'd  like to buy a bunch myself!

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Nobody Stops to Think what it's Like to be the Other Guy...

...and when they do - they are usually WAY OFF.

This is something I am guilty of. Allow me to explain.

To start, a warning: I am going to talk about Elliot Rodgers.  I do not often talk about these spree killers - I find it tasteless - I do not want anything I say to be taken as praise - it isn't.  However; I feel obligated to point some things today.

I am from a lower middle class family.  My father started out repairing downed power lines for the power company - he worked his way through the ranks, and in his later years had an office job. He supported 4 kids and a wife.  So, growing up we did not have any luxury items.  All the cars in our family were used.  Houses we lived in were in less than noteworthy neighborhoods.

There is no way any of us could afford a brand new BMW - so of course, my father did not buy me one for my college years.
Now, I always assumed that one reason women found me so repulsive while I was in college was that I did not have fancy clothes (my wardrobe consisted of crap that was on sale at Ross and Marshalls), and I did not have a fancy car (in 1990 I obtained a 1971 Volkswagen rust bucket).  All my spare money went to my college tuition and books.  I always assumed that the women in college were attracted to men like - well, like in the picture above, and like this:
Young men who were from wealthy families and looked like GQ cover material.

After reading up a bit on Elliot Rodgers, I am now wondering if perhaps - all those rich kids in college (driving fancy cars and wearing nice clothes, donning brand name sunglasses - something I did not have) were as destitute and as lonely as I was...???

In other words - I did in fact stop to think what things were like for the other guy - but I now think that I was way off.

While I was in college, I had a group of friends - 5 of us total - and I was the leader.

I had no girlfriends - when I approached women - and I did so too many times to count - I got extremely hostile reactions.  For example, I would say something akin to 'Hello', and I would get responses like 'Fuck you', "Fuck off', "I am like way out of your league', 'Yeah right, I am too good to talk to you', 'Get lost', 'Don't look at me - I am too good for you', ...sometimes I would get laughter and a mumbly response like 'yeah right' - other times the women would just pretend not to hear me, roll their eyes and shake their head - you get the point.

I was alone, and unlike Elliot Rodgers, I did not expect to meet women by simply walking down the street - I knew I had to be aggressive and approach them and start dialog - all of my attempts were met with extreme hostility.  Of course after many years - like my final year in college - I had given up.

I never pondered the idea that maybe those guys with all the money, cars and clothes had it just as bad as me. I think now - that they probably did.  When you are that spoiled - you are used to getting what you want - and often will go nuclear when you don't...

I never stopped to really think what it's like to be the other guy...

I just assumed them to have it better than me.
I have been reading through incel forums and various blogs (the comments).  I am not sure if I fit the description of a 'Chad' or not - my guess is yes.

I had it bad in college - and I did not sit on my ass expecting a woman to fall in my lap.  I pursued dialogs and approached tons of women.

I read those incel forums, and they are making the same mistake I made back then - assuming that the other guy has it better off because of: height, weight, skin color, economic status, ethnic background etc...


We are all men - regardless of weight, height, skin color, ethnic background, economic status - there is an extreme prejudice that exists in women because of brainwashing by a hateful movement called feminism.

It is that hatred we should be focusing on - and focusing on how to eliminate it.  The next time you think some guy has it better than you - think again.  Ask yourself this: Is he actually getting sex?  If he is - what price is he paying?  How whipped is that poor fool with that hot chick?  Yeah, he is driving a fancy car and looks like the proverbial 'hot guy' - does he have a girlfriend?  If he does - is she a total bitch that treats him like shit?

When I was younger, I made several assumptions about what kind of guys get the girls.  After reading up on Elliot Rodgers - I know I was wrong about that assumption.

Call it Sexual False Consciousness if you like - perhaps it was.  From my observations, it seems like the more evil men get the girls.  The flaw that many people make here is that Elliot Rodgers was himself evil - perhaps in the end - I am referring to men that have criminal records their whole lives - like say Chucky Manson - a short ugly WHITE economically impoverished wimp - traits that many incels themselves claim to have - yet they think those traits are negative in the eyes of women?!?
Sexual False Consciousness
Charles Manson was born evil.  Elliot Rodgers became evil - don't believe me - google it.

And another point - which might offend some of my readers.

We live in an age where men are encouraged to be open about homosexuality.

Men are actually encouraged to be homosexual.

Any suggestion that these 'incels' are repressed homosexuals is just plain stupid - for real - really stupid.

Feminism has created real problems in our society - simply brushing these incels off as repressed homosexuals (or whatever else you might have read in the man-o-sphere), and not acknowledging the real problems feminism has created is akin to mental retardation.

How many "incels" did Elliot Rodgers kill - young men in the same predicament - just as frustrated as himself?

DISCLAIMER: my humble opinion is that Elliot Rodgers was a spoiled brat who was used to getting what he wanted. He died during a temper tantrum he had. But I wonder - would it have hurt anyone if he got a girlfriend in his life?

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Why you should watch "Richard Jewell"

My previous posts on this, I kind of pussy footed around - hoping not to spoil any thing in the movie.

I'm not going to do that this time.

Richard Jewell is a movie that any disenfranchised man should watch.  You might be thinking something like, "I'm not fat", or, "I don't live with my Mom" etc...  Both shaming tactics if you think about it.  Most of us are in the same boat - regardless of skin color, cultural heritage, weight, height etc...  Richard Jewell represents the plight of the loner male in America - and how extreme and out of control the hatred of men has become in the Cuntry - in more ways that one.

Let's do a list of reasons you should watch this movie.

1. Clint Eastwood made it.  Clint Eastwood is a badass - period.

2. In the FBI interrogation room, Richard Jewell is asked to sign a release form - I believe the FBI agents were trying to trick him into signing a confession - NEVER SIGN ANYTHING ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL ASKS YOU TO IF YOU ARE ACCUSED OF A CRIME
The movie showed that scene, and I was mortified - they were trying to get him to erroneously sign a confession - and here I thought that was illegal in America.

3. The "thing" that gets Richard Jewell into so much trouble in the media is a "modern enlightened evolved" women...  Her promiscuity, drug use and hatred of men are briefly touched on in the movie - she refers to Jewell as "the fat fuck that lives with his Mom."

4. Sam Rockwell plays Jewell's attorney.  Sam Rockwell has won a ton of awards for being a seriously AWESOME actor.  Sam Rockwell is BADASS!

5. Kathy Bates plays Jewell's mother.  Yes, Kathy Bates might identify as a feminist - I don't know - it is irrelevant.  She is a good actress.  Feminist or not.

6. One key point made in the movie - the lead antagonist Kathy Scruggs does not have a change of heart until she hears Jewell's mother badmouthing the press and the investigation.  No woman cares what any man has to say - or what any evidence might suggest.  Only a weeping woman is adhered to - whether said weeping woman has legitimate grievances or not.  A crying woman can always be trusted and listened to - no man can.

7. I watch a lot of real crime TV series (like say - Forensic Files).  A tired cliche - when it is not the husband that did it (murder) - it is some loner male.  Yeah - right.  I actually have watched several where the accused loner male fought the system - and the system fought back hard - yet the loner male prevailed - and SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE revealed his innocence - and often revealed corrupt judges, police and other government officials.  Richard Jewell depicts the plight of the loner male wrongfully accused - and taken to the Nth degree.  I often wonder if the police often pick loner males because they cannot provide an alibi - and cannot afford good legal counsel...

8. There is a good amount of humor in it.  For instance, if my memory serves me, Jewell says, "I just want the whole world to know...that I am not a homosexual."  Funny if you think about it - here is a man accused of TERRORISM - and he is more outraged by the incompetent presses attempts to slander him as a homosexual.



9. All the WRONG people don't want you to watch it.  All the lamestream media outlets like DailyMail, CNN, Variety, NBC etc...  Feminist biased male bashing news companies do not want you to watch it.  You should therefore watch it, and spread the word. 

And yes, I did catch this.  I think Clint Eastwood purposely tries to convey a message that the FBI and the MEDIA are two franchises in America that are not to be trusted.  They are shown as corrupt, incompetent, and hateful organizations - accurate I am sure.

Many media outlets actually had the unmitigated GALL to point out "inaccuracies".  Now - my my my - ain't that the pot calling the kettle black...  Seriously - it is just laughable at this point.

When the same ass-hats that tell us 300,000 women are trafficked during the Super Bowl, 1 in 4 er 5 er 6 women will be raped every 6 and a half hours, and 98% or all men sexually harass women ... when clowns like that say it is a bad movie - I personally feel an obligation to watch it - which I did - and I absolutely love it.  When it comes out on DVD - I am going to buy it and watch it again.  I found that at home, I can pause, rewind and whatnot to catch things I missed in the theater.
I knew the explosion was coming too - I braced for it - and I still jumped in my seat when it happened.  The cinematography was absolutely OUTSTANDING!

The DVD is scheduled for release March 17...  I'm there.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

You know...  A day that feminists HATE, because it's all about men and women hooking up and having sex - two things feminists HATE probably more than anything else!

Anti-feminists should therefore celebrate this day.  Even if most women's minds have been poisoned to hate straight men and heterosexual activities.

Yes, it is doubtful most men will have a LADY to share this day with because of all that.  However; if you do, remember - any LADY that truly loves you will not demand or expect chocolates, flowers, jewelry or any other materialistic thing.  Any LADY worth her salt will be happy with a nice text or other message that expresses desire for her company as a woman - not as an equal, not as a companion, but as a complement to your sex.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Some People Just Don't Get It - and How That Relates to the Radical Muslim Invasion - And Their Partnering with Feminists

Some people just don't get it, and never will.

Brace yourself, I'm going to get abrasive, and I'm going to venture off the map - where there be dragons.  This post might offend some people - and it should.

I watched the latest Pussy Joseph Twatson video called "no eggs" or something - OK - I'll link it.

Paul Joseph Watson is - or at least WAS a carpetbagger.  For a while, he told many men what he thought they wanted to hear - without believing a word of it.  Yes, he pinned feminism as a problem - but he did not believe that - he just wanted to gain support - much akin to what carpetbaggers did.

He's a fake - allow me to point out some key points to his latest video which he talks about women rejecting birthing children (of course - HE NEVER MENTIONS FEMINISM).

In the video, he claims that e-prostitution is killing romance.  No mention that feminism is what actually killed romance - e-prostitution is a side effect of that - not the cause.

In the video, he claims that men are talking women into acting the way they do.  In other words - men are to blame for everything - yawn...

He also used a term, "hypersexualization".  I remember this word from college.  It was a feminist code word for, "Damn, we can't do sexless marriages anymore - I know, let's make a new word!" Basically, feminazi's were complaining that some of teh menz actually wanted to - heaven forbid - have sex with their wives - i.e. those monsters wanted to hypersexualize their wives...

Overall, when I see PJW, all I see now is a clown.

At about 20:00 - he blames the sexual revolution for the abhorrent state of male female relations.  Anybody worth their salt knows the sexual revolution was fake - it never happened.

Watch the video - if you want - comment below if you see flaws that I missed.

There is one really interesting point here that I have to talk about.

18:12 in the video - he starts talking about Muslim immigrants - specifically, the radical Muslims.  The ones that want to kill Americans.

He claims that the reason feminists/modern women are being drawn to "Patriarchal" style men, is because they crave the old school masculinity.  I have heard many in the MRM/MGTOW spew the same line of verbal diarrhea.

Pay attention here.

FEMINISTS HATE MEN PERIOD.  They hate their fathers.  They hate their brothers.  They hate their sons.  They hate their male neighbors.  They hate their nephews.  They want to see these people castrated, killed, tortured etc...

Modern women (thanks to feminism) want to see their native male population's dicks cut off, stuffed in their mouths and then get stabbed to death.

Feminism is was and always will be a HATE MOVEMENT.

It is not about equality.

It is not about fairness of opportunity.

It is about HATING MEN...  PERIOD.

It makes sense they welcome ANY one who will kill the men in their lives.

That is why the feminists and radical Muslims are, as oblivious morons put it, "strange bedfellows".

Huh - nothing strange about it.  Hateful people aligning themselves.  Not strange at all.

Please Pay Attention:

This is a male-shaming tactic too: MAN UP.  Because you are not manly enough, women don't like you.  They prefer manly men who kill others.  I do read a lot of crap in the "Man-O-Sphere"  Pretty sure I am the only one who spotted this - most blogs gleefully talk about how women are drawn to masculine men - fuck off.  Feminist infected women want to kill their indigenous male population because of hate.

Now, that said, I recently visited the incels forum.  I cannot remember where I was, but I remember reading a thread written by Middle Eastern men calling themselves "SandNiggers". 

I tell ya, it really broke my balls.  I wish I could speak to these people in person.

I am a white male, 5'11", younger - I was very athletic - and got nearly straight A's - brushed my teeth, combed my hair - well groomed etc...

I was HATED by women - and I am not a "SandNigger".  If any people from that forum are reading, it's not you - it is this country.  Most of the Middle Eastern men I have met are upstanding human beings - and look like GQ cover material.  It is NOT YOU - IT IS FEMINISM.  FEMINISM IS A HATE MOVEMENT - HATRED OF MEN - PERIOD.

The women here hate men - regardless of color, ethnicity etc...

The only type of man they are willing to put up with - is a man who will kill or hurt other men - it is what fuels them - hatred, sadism, cruelty...

The women on the view, and the entire all-female audience applauded and cheered a male (white male) being castrated by his wife.
You do not see anything similar to men acting this way - it is just women.  Modern women who have been completely polluted by feminism.  Feminism is a HATE MOVEMENT.

Because it was under the guise of being about "equality" it went unchallenged until it was too late.
 I am seeing a very disturbing trend in the Man-O-Sphere/MRM/MGTOW circles.  It seems like quite a few are trying to re-write what feminism was/is.

The PJW clown is one of them (a self-purported red-piller too!).

I might have to devote more time to debunking these clowns.

Feminists hate birth control because it meant recreational sex for men.
Feminists hate make up (google the NOW crowd from the 90's).
Feminists hate sex.  Yes, there are many self-professed feminists who are porn stars.  Take a look at the porn they make - it is disgusting - and a mockery of sex - not an appraisal of it.
Feminists also align themselves with queers (be it gays or trans).  This is simply a continued insane rage against male-female relations - something they HATE.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Impeach Pelosi

Impeach Pelosi petition

I signed it.  I believe the whole Trump impeachment fiasco is partisan politics gone way too far.

Liberals and Democrats should be really embarassed by the rest of their party now...

Anyway, if you live in the U.S. please sign the above petition.