Thursday, July 2, 2020

Scatter Brained

Lately, I have noticed that my mental capacities are not what they used to be.  For example, I get a craving for a yogurt.  I walk into the kitchen (takes me 5 seconds).  When I get there, I cannot remember why I am there.

At first, I attributed this to getting older, but I have friends much younger than myself - they are experiencing it too.

So, I attributed it to stress - but the problem I have with that - I know people whom NOTHING PHASES.  I mean, their pants could be on fire, and they'd be like, "Oh, look at that, my pants are on fire, I better get some water..." in a real calm voice.

These people also are experiencing the same scatter-brain symptoms as myself.  Cannot remember what they were doing 5 seconds ago.

Is this all because of the situation lately?

Another thing I noticed.  I know conspiracy theorists, and people who detest conspiracies.

When I talk to them about CV19, or the riots - they all say the same thing.
The number of times I have heard that phrase since March - it's become cliche.  And it is not coming from just the conspiracy theorists, it is coming from everybody I talk to in person (or on the phone).
Is it alarming to anybody that hospitals get paid $13,000 to kill a person list a death as a covid19 death?
Is it alarming to anybody that YouTube/Twitter/FaceBook have all suddenly become the supreme arbiters of correct and incorrect opinions?
Does it bother anybody else that people are committing crimes on a colossal scale, but we're being told there is a societal crisis of 'police violence'?

Does it bother anybody else that college professors are being arrested en masse because of ties to China?

Does it bother anybody else that the FBI appears to have wrongly imprisoned a person based on orders from the previous president to spy on our current president?

Does it bother anybody else that the Governor of New York placed alleged CV19 patients into senior homes?  It is a fact that Andrew Cuomo is a democrat and senior citizens typically vote republican - did he do that deliberately to eliminate competition votes?

Does it bother anybody else that nobody asks the question, "How many black lives have been saved by the police"?

It seems like we are being fed a steady mental diet of what is correct think.  Any deviation gets you labelled as a 'scientific heretic', 'racist' etc...

This man has a lot of good things to say, and his skin is the correct color.
Please share your thoughts - do not be shy.

I have also been doing research on spree shootings and serial killers.  
Of 61 spree shooters I have so far, only 36 are white, 59%.  Whites make up 76% of the general population.
So - why is there a false idiom that all spree shooters are white?
The same applies to serial killers - serial killers generally reflect the population.  76% are white, 13% are black, 16% are Hispanic etc...
Why do I keep hearing that serial killers are all white?

Friday, June 26, 2020

A Quick Message

It isn't.

We've all heard of the misandry bubble.

This is NOT it popping.

We're getting close.

This is more than the usual BS.  I can smell evil getting desparate.

And very transparent.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Black Lives Don't Matter

Not to liberals/democrats.

Earlier today I came across a news article where one of the founders of BLM stated they just want to get rid of Trump.  The article has disappeared.  My attempts to find it...  Well, just google "black lives matter want to get rid of Trump".  It'll be a slew of articles from CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, POLITICO and other fake news bashing #45.

With Trump in office, black unemployment is at an all time low.

Donald Trump has done more for Blacks than any other president.  Except Mr. Lincoln.

But who cares... Orange man bad right?

The irrationality and hate from the left has become absolutely choking.

Before any nimrods jump on me and accuse me of being a right wing extremist, I'll say I'm a registered non-partisan.

But, who cares orange man bad right.
No good will come from Black Lives Matter.

Police will not patrol black neighborhoods anymore.  Gangs will take over.  Young men and women wanting to get out of those neighborhoods won't - they'll be trapped by gang lords.  They won't get a good education.  They won't get a good career.  They'll be stuck in the hood.

I studied feminism in detail.  Despite what the faggot MRAs say, it was a left wing movement.

It was disguised as a pro female movement.

It made women miserable and a complete joke.

Black Lives Matter mimics feminism in many ways.  Promises liberation, where no oppression exists.  It dwells on things in the distant past, often revising history as necessary.  It is a left wing movement.  Right wing blacks are not welcome.
Welcome to the left wing mob my friend.

They're about to do to you what they did for women.

Black Lives DO NOT Matter to these people.

Orange man bad is all that matters.

An aside - My house was robbed last night.  It should be entertaining to see how the police are these days.  I have already filed a police report.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Racism is a REAL Problem in America

Well, uhm.

Yeah.  It's a real problem with all those Uncle Ben rice packages everywhere.

I guess I am a racist.  I like uncle Ben rice.  And I like the picture of the black guy on the bag or box too.

Stay tuned.  Next post I'm gonna poke fun at what the new food products might look like.

I also got a series of memes for journalists too.

If the store is out of 'white' band aids, and i buy a box of black ones, and wear one - does that make me a racist?

Cultural appropriator?

Will the BLM arrest my racist cracker ass and charge me with a hate crime?

All of this is being socially engineered by the CCP.

CCP = Chinese Communist Party.

Sounds like a conspiracy?

Just wait...

Monday, June 15, 2020

Just Keep Watching the Television...

Charles Lieber Communist You've all heard of the Commie-Pinko Charles Lieber being arrested (during the COVID-19 crisis) for not reporting funding from China or something like that. Yup. Nothing to see here. Watch the horror stories on CNN and MSNBC and other fake news outlets - pay no attention to Charles Lieber! Ya got riots, race hatred, deadly diseases all kinds of crap to be TERROR-ified by!

Simon Ang Communist Have you heard about Simon Ang? Another professor from Arkansas also arrested - during the COVID-19 pandemic too! But - ehhh - it's just wire fraud. Nothing to see here! Watch those riots on NBC, ABC, and CBS - all that racial hatred! I mean, you gotta stay up to date right?  Watch them riots and Orange Man Bad!

Anming Hu Communist Wait - Here's another - Anming Hu a professor at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville was arrested too. And son of a gun - coincdentally - during the COVID-19 crisis. Well, all of this is a complete coincidence. Keep watching the riots and the faked footage from an italian hospital on that coronavirus thingee. YUP! Nothing to see here.  Orange Man Bad!

James Patrick Lewis Communist 'Ello Govonah! What's This! A professor from West Virginia University was also arrested during the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Huh. Will the coincidences ever stop! The important thing is to watch the riots on T.V. and listen to all the fake news talking about what bad people Caucasians are!  Orange Man Bad!  Hydroxychloroquine KILLS!

The arrests are continuing too - many others are being arrested - and VERY HARD to track down on the internets. It's almost like the information is being obscured by other things - or even censored - nah can't be - America Loves the 1st amendment - especially liberals!  Not like liberals ever want anybody to shut up!

Well, I'm sure this is all a coincidence. I'd wager a guess that the 170,000 twitter accounts that Twitter just deleted were probably just conservatives and not REALLY related to the Chinese Government...

I wonder too - just imagine what you could do with 170,000 Twitter accounts. 170,000 accounts all in unison agreeing with each other - and liking whatever they will - I wonder if you could influence people to - oh I don't know - RIOT Maybe???  Get blacks to riot in America - the country that produced more famous black people pioneering is various fields than any other country on the planet - by getting them to think they are being oppressed by America?  Nah - couldn't be...

Well, all of this is nonsense anyway. There is no reason for China to inflict harm on the United States of America now is there?

It's not like they were manufacturing a deadly virus, and make a vaccine for their own people, and nobody else - and that virus accidentally escaped from one of their labs now is it?

Just imagine what would happen to China - if all the countries on GOD's green earth discovered that they did manufacture a virus, and that virus was meant to KILL people (except China's own) - and that escaped and killed many other countries citizens...

I wonder...

What would happen to China if that were revealed...

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

There is something wrong with the Riots and Black Lives Matter

For the past couple of weeks, I have been browsing all kinds of conspiracy theories on the riots.  I have debunked all of them (not going to waste time explaining) - except for the piles of bricks appearing in some cities - I can't debunk those.

Why all the conspiracy theories?

My own theory is this.

When something is out of place - or does not quite have a solid ring to it, people sense that - smart people - and they dig around - and find holes, or other things - and the conspiracy theories fly.

The people coming up with these are very smart.  Yet, not always terribly observant.

This is really going to anger a lot of people - but - somebody has to say it.
 Mobs of angry black people - er uhm - people - take to the streets!

The crime that Derek Chauvin is being tried and convicted for in the public eye is this

He deliberately killed a black man by putting his knee on his neck.  He was not trained to do that, he deliberately put his knee on his neck in order to kill George Floyd, and he did so simply because of George Floyd's skin color.

So - if George Floyd had been white, Mr. Chauvin would not have done that.

Remember too - George Floyd was a gentle giant - who once robbed a woman at knife point - - - gently I guess.

The media got everybody whipped up into a frenzy by showing the same clip over and over and over and over and over again.
 More angry black people - uhm - white Karens - people take to the streets!

Odd too - if it was a hate crime - why didn't YouTube censor it?  I thought that videos showing hate crimes were censored on YouTube?  Yet - it is there...???

What is happening here - America is doing away with due process, and relying on the court of public opinion to decide people's fates.  In other words, if CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NPR and all the other ass-hat-lame-stream-medias decide you are a bad person - you are f**ked.  You have no civil rights.

That is wrong.  Just as wrong as a police officer intentionally killing a suspect because of his skin color.

There is no court in America that will give Derek Chauvin a fair trial.  Said court would have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Derek Chauvin would NOT have treated a white suspect the same way.

That is something that will never happen.

Kiss due process good bye.

Black people are dying in the riots - both police and civilians - black businesses are being destroyed.  Non black businesses that employ blacks are being destroyed.

All under the guise of "Black Lives Mattering" - bullshit.

This is the media taking control and doing away with people's civil liberties.  It is sad too that for some reason, they believe they can exploit blacks and get them to act this way.

This is truly a sad time for America and American Blacks.

As for all the white people holding signs.  Why do those people feel so obligated to prove something about themselves???

Anyway - throw your media induced hate-tomatoes at me below!