Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Hatred You can Expect.

If you're a man.  If you're a Caucasian.  If you're a heterosexual.

Being a straight man today is no picnic.  Male sexuality has been branded as disrespectful of women.  It isn't.

Add onto that, men of the past all being labeled as rapists, pedophiles, and wife - beaters and the problem gets worse.

To throw some gas onto the fire, there is now a stupid cunt politician with the battle cry, "all white men are prejudiced!".  Yes, laughable to anybody with an IQ over 50, but apparently, the inbreeding laws in New York are very flexible.

When I was in college (more than 20 years ago now), I always wondered why all the hatred from women...

I used to think it was because women have all kinds of false data pounder into their head - which they do...  False stats about rape, sexual harassment, pedophilia and other things that never happen.  It's all designed to install a sense of outrage and vidictiveness - which it does.

The problem.

As I have met more women, I realize that they are the ones who are ill spirited towards men.  Women are the haters, women are the violent ones, women are the ones who pervert sex and sexual relations.

If they were forced to confront the fact that 99% of the men out there are exceptionally decent people, they'd be forced to look at the way they treat men, and ponder who the real haters are.

Women are the real haters.

Women celebrate domestic violence aimed at men (see incidents like Katherine Kieu Becker and Lorena Bobbitt).  Men frown on any violence aimed at women (you can google how many men have been murdered by lynch mobs after a woman FALSELY accuses them of misconduct).

Yes, you do not see men applauding domestic violence or any violence.  You CANNOT say that about women.  This is a fact.

Women are the haters.
Women are the abusers.
Women lie about things like rape, harassment and pedophilia to have men they deem "unworthy" of their smelly cunts eliminated.
Women pervert sexual relations.

A sense of guilt?

Men have one, women do not.

Respect for human life - or any life?

Women kill their own children, unborn or not with no guilt or remorse.  They believe they "own" other human beings, and can therefore extinguish them when sentient beings become inconvenient to them.

With an attitude like that, how much "respect" can they show any human being?  Man or not?

Women are not capable of respecting other human beings, they consider other people as their property at times.  No respect will be shown.

Women will happily have you thrown into the poor house, starving, dying, and they will rejoice.  I have seen this too many times.

The reason they hate men like myself so much?

I recognize them for what they are.

If you hook up with a woman, guard your money closely.  The only thing all women want is to destroy a man's  finances.

Other things all women want is to destroy a man's sexuality (if they are straight).  Different women go about this in different ways.  Some will be rude and uncivilized towards all men approaching them.  Some will flaunt to the world how gross women are (over eating or fecal smearing).  They all have their own methods of destroying the male sex drive.

Guard your money.  Guard your sex drive.  Guard your life.

Women are out to destroy you.

The straighter you are, the more hated you will be.

The whiter you are, the more hated you will be.

Get this into your head.  Or suffer in ignorance.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Secret Obsession...

So, the boss let everybody go home early today, so I fought the downtown Vegas traffic less than normal this afternoon, and watched a movie netflix kept ramming down my throat, "Secret Obsession".

Feminazi Porn.

Some guy is obsessed with a fugly cow, kills her husband and tortures her, she ends up killing him blah blah blah.

Totally lame.  Right down to the cliche wounded black police officer that shoots the bad guy at the last minute, but doesn't kill him.  Nope, the killing is of course done by the woman...cliche again.

First off, crap like that NEVER HAPPENS.  Second, when things of a like nature do happen, how often is a woman the root cause?  That is, how often is a woman the primary menace adding strife to people's lives?

I have seen way too many movies like this growing up and as an adult.  Way too many.  So many they are appallingly predictable.  I go full blown MST3K while watching them.

To start, drama overloads are always initiated by women, not men.  Women have unhealthy relationshits.  The hotter, the unhealthy er relationshits they seek.

Movies like this are lies.

This time I pondered something:  could the people making these rehashing be doing so unpurpose?

Rich hollywood/netflix faggots throwing strife into straight relationshits?

People who own jewelry stores convincing women that men owe them something?

Why do these boring cliche movies keep popping out of the woodwork?

Seriously.... it seems like they make about 5 or so each year.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

What They're too Stupid to Notice...

First they came for...

The paedos, and people said,"I'm not a paedo, and I hate people that want to fuck and kill little kids!"

The rapists, and people said,"what kind of a man forces a woman like that... I certainly don't!"

The racists, and people said, "that whole blacj hating thing is dumb!"

The homophobes, and people said, "well, nothing wrong with that... why not!"

The Islamophobes, and people said,"well, aren't the people blowing things up and shooting children in churches Islamic?"

The non binary o phobes, and people said, "wait... what!?"

All of this is witch hunting too.  If you stand up for any of these  people, you WILL BE BRANDED AS ONE OF THEM.

Meet the new face of facism.
A fuck ugly non white man hating retarded cunt.

This post was inspired by the Anti-Feminist's latest post.  He's got my vote for the post before that.  Too bad I couldn't vote...

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Just Something Personal...

So, I'm between jobs right now.  I've been having some health issues too.  My upper back is always hurting, I have a hard time breathing occasionally, and a hard time swallowing occasionally.  Yesterday it got real bad so I went to Urgent Care at the advice of a friend.

The Urgent had a 100% female staff.  The main doctor (or CNA or whatever).  Was talking abnormally loud and said all they can do at urgent care is test for strep and mono.  Chest x-rays take a few days to develop.
She shouted, "what is it you expect to happen here sir".

I calmly replied, "well, it'd be cool if you could run some tests and determine what's causing all this...".

After telling her that it's not normal for somebody to be lying in bed half the day gasping for air, she sent me to the ER.

Now, about being in between jobs... I called the government health insurance line, and I THOUGHT I was getting insurance that covered urgent care and ER.  Boy was I wrong.

Anyway, at the ER I started feeling really bad, like I was going to blackout, but I toughed through it.

They drew blood, and took a chest xray.  Both came back negative for whatever they were testing for.

I was sweating profusely at this point.

The doctor came in (a woman) and gave me a lecture about acid reflux, and how that was probably causing the burning sensation in my esophagus.

I said, "I never said anything about a burning in my esophagus."

The doctor just stared at me and began talking over me.

I looked at my friend and said, "did I say my esophagus burned!?"

"No, you didn't."

The doctor actually registered that and said, "well, we can keep you here for further observation."

I wasn't sure if my insurance would cover that, so I opted to go home.  At home, I suffered through back pains and labored breathing.

Today, I discovered that my insurance did not cover ER visits.  I imagine the bill will be about 7000 to 10000 USD.  Something I definitely CANNOT AFFORD.

When I spoke to the sales agent (before all this happened - like back in May, another woman - crystal) for insurance I stated I just wanted urgent care and ER  visits covered.

Pain is a little better today, but this usually acts up about 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

I was told at the ER to make a follow up with my regular doctor.  Because of my insurance changing I can't, and all the alternative doctors are all women, and all physician's assistants are also all women.

Why does it cost like 1000 USD to flip a switch on an x-ray machine?

Why does it cost like 1000USD to draw blood from somebody?

Why are any medical costs like 1000s of USD when the procedures seem quite trivial?

Why are there so many women in the medical field?

I tried googling these questions and instead of answers, I simply got, "yes it does cost a lot".

I also google things like "complain about insurance carrier", "file complaint against medical insurance" etc...

Google revealed to me sites that would help me sign up for insurance...  what I did back in may...

I just don't get it.  It seems like most insurance companies are scams, and doctors are worthless...  and these places are nearly 80% women at this point too.  The doctors, the nurses, the receptionists, the insurance agents, the phone solicitors.

Am I imagining all this?

Friday, May 31, 2019

Sexual Harassment is a LIE.

Many of the "crimes" that feminists screech and hiss about are complete fabrications.
They are merely hypothetical situations that do not happen.
Things like rape, pedophilia, and today - sexual harassment!

I always ask myself - would I do that? No.
Do I know anybody that would do that? No.
Have I ever met anybody that would do that? No.
Where are all these men that sexually harass women?

I'm fucking 49, and I have never met one man that would do this.

I've met engineers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, accountants, bums, drunks, heroin addicts, homeless, millionaires, nerds, shut-ins, crazies etc... HUNDREDS of people - not one would "sexually harass" - period.

When I ponder this, I wonder if sexual harassment happens at all.

Let me share these links I found:
4 in 10 Aussies think it is a lie.
When Sexual Harassment Accusers Lie.
Teen Girls LIE about Sexual Harassment because they didn't "like" a certain boy.

When women start getting caught LYING about it:

All the sudden polygraphs aren't "reliable".

Yeah right. I got a bridge to sell you.

But - better safe than sorry...

Perhaps it'd be better to pass laws so that sexual harassment accusers will NEVER take a lie detector test in the first place!

What a joke.  It's like we all know they are what do they do - they scream, "LIE DETECTORS AREN'T ACCURATE!!!".  When it is proven that they are accurate they scream, "WOMEN ACCUSING MEN OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT SHOULDN'T HAVE TO TAKE LIE DETECTOR TESTS!!!".  When it is blatantly obvious that the women are lying they scream, "WOMEN SHOULD BE BELIEVED NO MATTER WHAT!!!"

Kindly go to hell bitches.

REAL sexual offenses do happen.

They happen when men haters LIE about rape, pedophilia and sexual harassment.
Here's a good article on the subject.

The real sexual offenders need to be registered.

Petition for false accusers to register as sex offenders

I personally cannot think of anything more sexually offensive than femmies lying about imaginary sex crimes.  They are the real polluters of sex.  Sex is not evil - women are - PERIOD.

My theory on why they do it (lie about sex crimes)?

Simple: Money, power and control.
Gotta love that characacture of Anita Sarkeesian

Friday, May 17, 2019

Male Sexualists...

So, Eivind Berg has recenly posted some mind stimulating posts about this subject.  I would expect nothing less from a man of that intellect.

However; the Anti-Feminist posted a bit of a rebuttal that I agreed with.

Now, I am not sure about the Anti-Feminist's age, but I assume he is near my age.  In my generation, obtaining porn consisted of MAYBE a neighbor throwing away a magazine with naked lady pictures in it.  Not much in the way of "fapping material", or "stuff to jack off to" as my generation would say.  Today is is everywhere and easily available to everybody regardless if age.  Any teenage male can get on a computer and watch complete sex acts ..Not just look at tits.

The result?  Obviously a wave of massive fapping compared to my generation.  As I said, we were lucky to get a hold of a magazine showing just boobs.  Today's porn is everywhere, and accessible to all.

All that said, it is always distressing to me when a pro-male site does a full 360 and starts embracing feminist ideals (albeit for different reasons).

The Anti-Feminist is right though.

Step 1 should be undoing the damage feminism has done.  This consists largely of getting the word out to men that they are being fooled, used, mocked, berated, and sometimes jailed for "lame-ass" reasons.  At the same time, the "value" of women is being horrifically blown WAY out of proportion.

Eivind Berg MAY also be right, but if he is, it's at the wrong time.  By embracing no-fap ideals, and anti-porn ideals, he is opening the doors for more men to be ass raped in prison if anybody should pass actual legislation supporting those ideals...RIGHT NOW.

My two cents on porn: it should not be popular...that is, there should be ample opportunities for men and women to experience fulfilling sex, that porn would seem silly.  With the rabid cunts and pimps that flood this world, that will not happen though.  I hold the same attitude towards hookers and, hookers and strippers would be something akin to going to a place to enjoy sitting in a regular everyday chair...

Priorities should be to remove the damage feminism has done.  This includes a respect and acknowledgement of male sexuality existing.  It does NOT exist now.  Women applaud and cheer when a man gets his penis cut off.  This is a total disrespect and complete contempt for male sexuality.  Until that mentality is destroyed, the talk about no fap and no porn should stop - all that talk will do is throw more fuel onto the male hating fire.
Until men are educated how baselessly hateful most modern women are, and laws are changed to respect the male sex drive instead of a blatant hatred of it...

Well, that should be all that matters at this point in time.

I'm used to all kinds of fighting existing in these circles.  This post was meant to attempt to unify others.  I won't be a bit surprised if it has the opposite effect.

Happy Friday #:(LifeSucks

Friday, May 10, 2019

Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez is NOT Beautiful

I watch some right winger videos on YouTube on occassion.  I recently saw one where some talking man with the head of a bull stated that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a beautiful woman.  I don't get that.  When I look at her, I see a very ugly woman.
Seriously?  What the f**k are these people looking at?  She is really ugly.
In addition to being a man-hater, she is prejudiced against whites.
Gums like a horse, head like a vacuous pit, attitude like a VD infected college flunkee.
For real...can somebody tell me what these clowns looking at her see?

All I see is a really physically ugly evil white-man hating witch.