Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Hatred of Men in America

So, I watched a documentary called Who Took Johnny
One thing I noticed in the documentary, is that the Law Enforcement Officials (FBI and local police) kept telling Johnny Gosch's Mother that Johnny had run away. Despite the fact that there were witnesses that saw Johnny talking to somebody in a car (multiple witnesses as I understand it). Why would they ignore witnesses testimony? I came to the conclusion that in 1982, people were not familiar with the concept of a TRUE pedophile (not the crazy-psychotic feminist definition).

But then I found this...
Beware, if you watch the documentary "Who Took Johnny", there are some disturbing images (disturbing to most - erotic to David Futrelle) that show young boys tied and gagged.

Anyway, later I watched a documentary called 30 for 30: Fantastic Lies

That documentary is about the Duke Lacrosse Scandal perpetrated by Crystal Mangum (I guess google has removed some of my picts...).

I saw many women in that documentary talking about a latent and deeply embedded hatred of women in our society (CAN YOU SAY PROJECTION BOYS AND GIRLS!!!) - all while they were trying to form a lynch mob and hoping to sexually mutilate young WHITE men. Seriously. I cannot make this up.

Yeah - latent hatred of women - riiiiiiiiiiight.

In 1982, there was a pervert taking young boys off the streets and performing sadistic acts on them - no government officials cared. In 2006 (two decades later), a man risks his career and reputation by falsifying evidence just to destroy the lives of three young men - Mike Nifong. One of the detectives that also helped to falsify evidence later committed suicide. So, how many people were involved to WRONGLY convict Duke Lacrosse players? And they KNEW ABOUT IT IN ADVANCE - THIS WAS NO OVERSIGHT OR CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE BULLSHIT - THEY KNEW THE DUKE LACROSSE PLAYERS WERE INNOCENT - and CHOSE to pursue charges against them.

Now, I put that information together with Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's latest post. We truly do live in a society that HATES MEN - specifically HETEROSEXUAL MEN. It will do ANYTHING IT CAN, to incarcerate, kill, sexually mutilate and utterly destroy them - PERIOD.

We live in an ocean of male hatred.  Activism will be met with ridicule.  Talking to politicians/leaders is pointless.  PERIOD.

Anyway, check out the documentaries I pointed out in this post.  They are well put together and interesting watches.

Enjoy looking at a picture of a woman who: thinks she is too good for you, will play your sexual drive against you, would happily take all your money and spend it on shoes and leave you penniless, thinks she is too good to talk to you, and would laugh if you got your penis cut off.
 Yeah - such a latent hatred of women in our society...

P.S. Wells Fargo, CVS Pharmacy, and Safeway are fucked.  Sell stock if you own it.  Shits going down.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Are You Ready For September 27, 2016...

When ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL HAPPEN?  Sure, the market may or may not crash in the future - but who the hell thinks they can predict the exact day?  Since when can ANYBODY see the future?

I have never understood the doom and gloom sayers predicting the end of the world...  Well, maybe I do - look at the number of ads in the first link (a YouTube Video).

I have also never understood why so many people ruin their faces with Botox and Plastic Surgery...

Enjoy my latest MESSterpiece on YouTube

Monday, September 19, 2016

Government Announces TWO DAY Waiting Period Before Buying Pressure Cookers

Because of the recent bombing SHOOT! I mean uhm - thinguhmuhjig in New York, Government Authorities and other screwballs have decided to make plans for a two-day waiting period for anybody wishing to buy a pressure cooker.  Here is what our reporters captured:

Oh yeah - in other news,
Dang. Glad I am safe here in the U.S. from maniacs like Kim Jong Un who would jail me for my sarcasm. So much better here in the U.S. even with the bombings INCIDENTS, and Muslims peacefully stabbing people to death and our seriously f**ked in the head leaders walking on eggshells and ignoring real issues and instead trying to get free abortions and free breast implants for little filthy whores who hate my f**king guts for being straight and would laugh if I got my penis cut off...

Yes, I've lost it...

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Trump and Clinton walk into a Bakery...

As soon as they enter the bakery, Hillary steals three pastries and puts them in her pocket.

She says to Donald, “See how clever I am? The owner didn’t see anything and I don’t even need to lie. I will definitely win the election.”

Donald says to Hillary, "That’s the typical dishonesty you have displayed throughout your entire life, trickery and deceit. I am going to show you an honest way to get the same result."

Donald goes to the owner of the bakery and says, "Give me a pastry and I will show you a magic trick."

Intrigued, the owner accepts and gives him a pastry.

Trump eats it and asks for another one, which he also eats.

Donald asks for a third pastry and eats that, too.

The owner is starting to wonder where the magic trick is and asks, "What did you do with the pastries?"

Trump replies, "Look in Hillary’s pocket".

Friday, September 2, 2016

Burning Man 2016

A festival where 95% of the people are white and left-wing. They all get together to celebrate "diversity" by taking lots of drugs.
Then when they run out of drugs, they light a giant wooden man on fire.

I don't get it.

I guess I am not "diverse" enough.

Perhaps I should report to a re-education camp - urp - I mean go back to college.

Friday, August 26, 2016

2016 Presidential Debate - SHOCKING VIDEO!

The 2016 Election is brought to you by the letters "R" and "D".

Please don't ask me why I do these things.

Even I do not know.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Three Dumb Broads Bravely Tackle Imaginary Rape Epidemic.

Rape Epidemic As any moron knows for a fact, we live in a "rape culture". Now, what is a "rape culture" you might ask? A "rape culture" is something that feminist prudes fantasize about while cranking their dildos up so high that the lights in the house dim.


Rape Epidemic"Rape Culture" is something that feminists dreamed up in order to dyke out with some of their co-eds.


Rape Epidemic"Rape Culture" is the feminist facade that men are all rape-monsters that hide in little girls closets, and want to do nothing all day but force their sexual affections on unwilling participants.

Anyway, three dumb broads from Dowling Blunt University in Gayville off of Butt-Hole road are bravely tackling the imaginary rape epidemic that exists in their imaginations and, in their sexual fantasies.

Although none of the women have been raped, and do not know anybody who has been raped, they claimed that 99.9% of all rape victims do not talk about their rape experience. They claimed this means that they had therefore all been raped. While talking to our reporters, they started to rub their vaginas and nipples, and blabber on about how many women are getting raped right this minute, and how they could get in on the action.
The T-Shirts have the caption "Don't get RAPED" crossed out in various places to read, "Don't Rape". The one in the middle is the bull-dyke, the other two are her bitches. They think that by wearing T-shirts that are offensive to men (as they portray men as rape-monsters), they can end all rape in the world, and possibly global warming as well! Rumor has it, they also like mittens!

As any feminist/post-feminist/crack-addict/homeless-crazy/severe-head-injury-survivor knows, wearing a T-shirt is all it takes to stop a man like James Biela from raping women.
We interviewed some actual serial rapists (who you can just tell are self-purported-nice-guys), to get their opinions of the T-shirts.

I Wanted to rape those women, but then I read their shirts and said, "DAMN!!!!" I guess I'll have to find a victim that isn't wearing a T-shirt that is offensive to men. What the hell are men like me - OOOPS I mean ALL men going to do!?
A Pox on those T-shirts! Now - I cannot rape those women. Geez, I really hope more women don't start wearing T-shirts that are offensive to men. If they do, then I'll just have to stop raping people. OOOPS! I meant, ALL MEN will have to stop violently raping 5 women every 3 seconds!

It appears that the T-shits SHIRTS are in fact ending the imaginary rape epidemic. But the question remains...


Anyway, enjoy looking at a picture of a woman who: thinks she is too good to talk to you, thinks she is out of your "league", thinks she is too good for you, thinks men getting raped in prison is funny, screams bloody murder when a woman gets raped, would be more than happy to spend all of your hard-earned money on shoes and land you in the poor house, thinks it is unfair that you make more money than her with your Bachelor of Science Degree than she does with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in "Basketry", thinks you are a "sexist pig" for having a sex-drive, and would laugh if you got your penis cut off.
Seriously - what's not to like about her?

Remember - We live in a misogynistic culture...