Sunday, September 23, 2018

You Know What I Don't Get...


Can somebody explain that to me?

Aliens did visit Earth in the past...if that is NOT true...what harm is there in stating it?

Compare that to the harm feminazi false facts do...

The MEN hosting the show "Ancient Aluens" make the claim that aliens visited Earth in the past, and some people get enraged, some people pour on the ridicule, some people scream how stupid they are...

Feminists claim that 33% of women will be raped while in college......crickets.

If anybody can explain this phenomenon to me, please do!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Why They Hate White People

When I was in college, there was a middle eastern woman who regularly wrote articles in the school newspaper about how straight white men majoring in hard sciences were "terrible people".  I always wondered why that woman was such a racist cunt supported equality so much.  She was from India if I recall right.  Yes, India - a country filled with "brown" people - no diversity there!

Observing people lately, I have come up with an answer.  It might sound silly.

They hate white people, because they are racist.

No, that statement is not what you are thinking.

They hate white people, because of all the races on earth, white people have done the most to end racism. 

At this point, morons are saying, "WHAT ABOUT HITLER!!!!"

Yeah, Hitler ordered the execution of many people... WHITE PEOPLE YOU DOPE.

In America, we have the most diverse population above any other country.  We have done away with treating other races as second class citizens, we have done away with bigotry and prejudice.


When these people hate whites, it is not a simple hatred of skin color.  It is a hatred of the fact that we have done the most to stop racism - and they cannot stand that.  My ancestors played "nigger records" and allowed black people in their restaurants - often at the risk of their own lives.

That is what these people cannot stand.

Now, if you are not white and reading this - relax.  I know that the people spreading this "white hatred" are not "un white".  They are in fact the "intellectual elite" white people.  The non white people that agree with or support their philosophies are simply the modern day "Uncle Toms"...

You know - the Colin Caperdouche's of the world - the Zarna Joshi's - they are the modern day "Uncle Toms" - as they are simply useful tools to spark the flame of racism and bigotry once again.

Of course, there are some intellectual power houses that are not white who fuel this regime as well - but they are a minority that you must pity - because ultimately - they too are tools for ignorance and hated.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

What's Wrong with this Meme

When I saw this, it made me sick!

So, as usual, women find an escape clause..."it's not me, it's my hormones."

As usual, my response is "FUCK YOU CUNT!"

Show no mercy to women who regret their past.  They are the reason you are: single, incel, childless, cannot get laid...whatever.

Next post - how the California wild fires really are caused by "climate change".
It's true!  Honest!  Climate change causes more cars to backfire, get flat causes more gun shooters to have ricochets that cause sparks, and more campers to neglect fire dousing duties!  HONEST ENGINE!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Feminism is Projection

I'm sure I blogged about this before, but good things bear repeating!

Once aspect of feminist projection that I don't think  I have explored - is what it has done to marriage.

I keep asking myself why marriage was created in the first place.  The usual crap I get is something like, "To make sure that men don't go running around and shirk their family obligations."
Let's all stop laughing, and examine this statement.

It's now the 21st century - and who is it that has abandoned the family?  It seems like men are being KICKED out - not "shirking" anything.  Women today kill unborn children, use children as bargaining tokens for money, and whatnot.

Yes, it is women who are despicable when it comes to family values - not men.

And, being the 21st century - we now know a woman's true nature of the family - to manipulate others and to hurt people.

Here's another one!

"Men always seek out younger women - that's why men need to be controlled to stay with their family"
Come on - please stop laughing.

Who is it that is pursuing younger mates?  Yeah - women.  In all my years (48 total now), I have not encountered one "real life" (meaning not online) case where a man obtained a younger woman.

The grim fact is, it is considered a few steps beyond grotesque for older men to chase younger women - even if it is a small difference like say 10%.

The grim fact is - if a woman were to hang out by a middle school in a raincoat - she'd get applauded.  No need to tell you what would happen to a man doing the same thing.

And of course - any case where an older man with a younger woman is present - the woman is considered a "gold digger".  After all, how could any young woman love a man unless he has lots of money to pay her...

When women say ugly things about men, remember what projection is - It's when somebody doesn't want to admit the ugly truths about themselves, so they PROJECT those self-truths onto others.

If you can think of other wacky things women say about men, please post them - I can explain how they are projection.

One off the top of my head - I have heard an awful lot of women saying something retarded like, "Men don't date me because I'm smart!"

Grim fact is - women are turned off by smart men.  Women rely on manipulation via emotional terrorism - smart men see through this and either dump the woman doing this, or ignore it.

Anyway - if you have heard many women saying something about men - please post it below.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Roseanne Isn't a Racist

Just so that nobody misunderstands me, that fat men hating cow can rot in agony in a sh@t filled ditch for all I care, but she DEFINITELY isn't a racist.

In order to be racist, you must insult an entire race, not just one ugly queen that looks like a monkey that fell out of a banana tree, landed on her face and then got run over by a rusty lawnmower.

Before I wrote this intellectual piece, I did research on both the fat ugly man hating cow, and the banana munching nut burger that got a job in the whitehouse.

I have an IQ of 85.  That means I am over qualified  to work at the white house # :( dumbass.
There is a picture of Valerie Jarrett...

And there's a picture of Roseanne!

A fat disgusting man hating cow, and a monkey mouth that's never sucked a dick.

Remember: both would laugh if you got your penis cut off.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Looking Around...

I like reading other blogs.  In case you didn't notice, I am NOT an intellectual power house.  A lot of my thoughts are obtained from fellow bloggers.

Lately, I am having a hard time finding new blogs of interest.

Many so called pro male blogs ultimately do a full 360 and start spouting feminist tripe.

If anybody out there can recommend blogs I should check out, I'd appreciate it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Let's Talk Wage Gap...

For the last 40 to 50 years, politicians have all been promising the women equal pay.  They say that women make 66 or 71 or 73 cents for each dollar a man earns.

I wouldn't waste my time telling any modern woman to think about this.  I am fully aware that modern women are incapable of thinking.

For my enlightened readers, and any men reading...

This means that ALL the politicians promising to END the wage gap have been INEFFECTIVE.

What's lawsuits.  No women have sued (successfully) the evil companies they work for - for discrimination.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that all this leads to the conclusion - there is no wage gap.

It DOES take an ignorant, hate filled, mindlessly vindictive ignorant c*nt to perpetually believe this crap.  It take a bigoted c*nt who celebrates male sexual mutilation to keep swallowing it for 4 to 5 decades with NEVER questioning, "How come this isn't fixed yet?  All the limp wristed politicians I help get elected keep promising..."

The politicians who promise this are simply playing on 40 to 50 years of mindless hate and falsely installed victim status to get elected.

To be blunt, they know it's a lie, yet they keep telling it to get the "woman vote".

The more they play on hate to get votes, the more hate they spread.

They really care about the well being of the "peasants" don't they?