Sunday, November 4, 2018


Well, I heard this term not too long ago, and I decided to do some research into it.

Let me start this by sharing my own personal experience with "gaslighting" (although I am not sure it completely qualifies...tsk...tsk...tsk...after all, I am a white heterosexual male - I therefore cannot be the victim of anything except privilege).

So, I was dating a woman a very long time ago.  Two experiences stand out.  I share them now.

One time she came over and pulled out a package of condoms... they were green.
I asked, "Why did you get those?  We don’t use condoms..."
To which she replied, "I thought we could have some fun!"
She then proceeded to put the condoms in my medicine cabinet.
We never used them.
Many weeks went by, and she was over at my apartment again.  She went into my medicine cabinet and asked in a scolding tone, "WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE CONDOMS IN YOUR MEDICINE CABINET!!!!"  Yeah, she was pissed.
I replied, "Because you put them there."  After about 2 hours of psycho bitch drama and her yelling and screaming at me, I convinced her that since I buy everything with my debit card, purchase of condoms would show up on my bank records - blah blah blah - she finally agreed that she put them there.  I had to argue until I was blue in the face to convince her...

Another time, she told me she would be home late from work - she guessed about 9:00.  I was waiting around my apartment for a phone call.  I was out of cigarettes and really craving one.  At 9:45 I caved into the craving and went to the nearest convenience store.  When I got home (at about 10:00), my phone message count was blinking 7.  All from her, all getting nastier and nastier as they progressed and ending in complete rage - all accusations of me cheating on her.  Yes, I was a grown man, and not allowed to leave my apartment for a few minutes without being scolded for hours.

I could get into some more graphic incidents involving violence on her part - but the two above are adequate for now.

Anyway, one concept of this relationship was this - she would say or do things, then DENY having said or done them.  This behavior from her led me to buy a pocket tape recorder and a mini camcorder.  The pocket tape recorder was thrown out of the car window while I was driving at 65mph (yes, by her).  And the mini camcorder was thrown against a wall and smashed by her as well.  Both of the device breaking incidents occurred when I used the tools to confront her with her denial of her own actions.  I was also under attack of constant baseless accusations, insinuations that made me wary of leaving my own apartment.

Once I told a friend about these incidents - HE told me that he also had a pocket tape recorder (I was shocked - seriously) - and used it because he was always pissed about his GF saying one thing, then doing another - or denying having said or done something.  his girlfriend took his pocket recorder, threw it down on the ground and stomped on it - yes - she did that when he used the device to confront her denial of her own behavior, words, actions, etc...

So, from this concrete information I deduce - gaslighting (or a reasonable facsimile of it - happens to HETEROSEXUAL WHITE MEN and it is PERPETRATED BY WOMEN - period).

That said, I watched the 1944 classic, "Gaslight".

A bland movie to be sure, and a disappointment to myself:  I thought it was going to be a movie about a guy who held a lighter up to his girlfriend’s butt each time she farted.
A bland movie to be sure, and a disappointment to myself:  The female character was abhorrently weak and frail (hard to sympathize with) – and of course she was the “victim” - cliche to be sure - deceptive to be positive - and part of the great American lie hands down.  The man committing the gaslighting was doing so for seriously uncommon reasons (stealing jewels - who the hell does that anymore - oh yeah - most hot chicks boyfriends when they need money to buy drugs - silly me - nevermind).

Anyway, the movie spawned a psychological term gaslighting.  I decided to peruse YouTube and see what kinds of insight people making their own videos would have.

Well, I noticed something about the people making the videos - they all have 2 things in common (ALMOST 3 - but not quite).

Here are their pictures - tell me what you see the "narrators" all have in common...

In case you’re having trouble, here’s a hint:

I’ll continue this next post.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Technological Difficulties...

I'm being doxxed again...  I noticed that some keywords I have been using on youtube (while NOT signed in) appeared in fruity comments on my last post...

Gotta take care of it.

Coming up post is about gaslighting...  Google it if you want... or watch the 1944 movie classic.... spoiler alert - it sucked.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Moment of Zen

Just ponder it a while...

Friday, October 5, 2018

In Nevada, Vote NO on Question 1

On the Nevada ballot this upcoming election question 1 pertains to "victim's rights"... or so we are told.

I'll be the perverbial jerk, and explain why you should vote no.

A victim is not a victim until the "criminal" is found guilty in a court of law BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT.

The bill is a misnomer.  It does not give victims rights.

It would give ACCUSERS rights.

Yeah, kick yourself if you didn't see through this one...  They worded it to sound so noble didn't they?

There will always be people out there trying their hardest to unravel due process.  They succeed bit by bit with each piece of noble sounding legislation they pass.

Conspiracy??? You bet.  Lawyers rig the system to maximize their profits.  By empowering ACCUSERS, they ensure that more people will need their services when a screwball modern woman falsely accuses some poor simp of possibly groping her 36 years ago.

Faggot politicians also use HETEROSEXUAL sex as a smear tactic for their straight rivals.

The women who have allowed these SHEnanigans to get so out of control... Well, they'll get theirs - as they see their sons bashed, ridiculed, falsely accused of sexual misconduct, or rightfully accused of normal male sexual behavior - all by a slew of doped up loopy cunts who feel obliGAYted to hate straight men for having penis and wanting sex.

They can all rot in hell for all I care...

Sunday, September 23, 2018

You Know What I Don't Get...


Can somebody explain that to me?

Aliens did visit Earth in the past...if that is NOT true...what harm is there in stating it?

Compare that to the harm feminazi false facts do...

The MEN hosting the show "Ancient Aluens" make the claim that aliens visited Earth in the past, and some people get enraged, some people pour on the ridicule, some people scream how stupid they are...

Feminists claim that 33% of women will be raped while in college......crickets.

If anybody can explain this phenomenon to me, please do!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Why They Hate White People

When I was in college, there was a middle eastern woman who regularly wrote articles in the school newspaper about how straight white men majoring in hard sciences were "terrible people".  I always wondered why that woman was such a racist cunt supported equality so much.  She was from India if I recall right.  Yes, India - a country filled with "brown" people - no diversity there!

Observing people lately, I have come up with an answer.  It might sound silly.

They hate white people, because they are racist.

No, that statement is not what you are thinking.

They hate white people, because of all the races on earth, white people have done the most to end racism. 

At this point, morons are saying, "WHAT ABOUT HITLER!!!!"

Yeah, Hitler ordered the execution of many people... WHITE PEOPLE YOU DOPE.

In America, we have the most diverse population above any other country.  We have done away with treating other races as second class citizens, we have done away with bigotry and prejudice.


When these people hate whites, it is not a simple hatred of skin color.  It is a hatred of the fact that we have done the most to stop racism - and they cannot stand that.  My ancestors played "nigger records" and allowed black people in their restaurants - often at the risk of their own lives.

That is what these people cannot stand.

Now, if you are not white and reading this - relax.  I know that the people spreading this "white hatred" are not "un white".  They are in fact the "intellectual elite" white people.  The non white people that agree with or support their philosophies are simply the modern day "Uncle Toms"...

You know - the Colin Caperdouche's of the world - the Zarna Joshi's - they are the modern day "Uncle Toms" - as they are simply useful tools to spark the flame of racism and bigotry once again.

Of course, there are some intellectual power houses that are not white who fuel this regime as well - but they are a minority that you must pity - because ultimately - they too are tools for ignorance and hated.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

What's Wrong with this Meme

When I saw this, it made me sick!

So, as usual, women find an escape clause..."it's not me, it's my hormones."

As usual, my response is "FUCK YOU CUNT!"

Show no mercy to women who regret their past.  They are the reason you are: single, incel, childless, cannot get laid...whatever.

Next post - how the California wild fires really are caused by "climate change".
It's true!  Honest!  Climate change causes more cars to backfire, get flat causes more gun shooters to have ricochets that cause sparks, and more campers to neglect fire dousing duties!  HONEST ENGINE!!!!